Legion Phoenix Review – [2021 Update]


If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read our entire Legion Phoenix review… yes, we highly recommend this product.  It speeds up your metabolism, suppresses your appetite (important when trying to lose weight am I right?), and helps you burn fat faster with its high-quality ingredients list.

Legion Phoenix Review Overview

Here’s a quick rundown of everything Legion Phoenix has to offer:

What is it? 

  • Phoenix is a natural caffeine-free fat burner.

What does it do?

  • It does a lot, but here are the 3 main things it does:
  • 1. Speeds up your metabolism
  • 2. Helps your body burn fat more efficiently
  • 3. Reduces hunger and cravings.

Who’s it for?

  • Anyone looking to speed up their fat loss by losing an additional .5 pounds per week.

Why Legion?

  • Legion creates all-natural supplements based on science and provides great customer service and a great experience.

When it comes to the fat burner marketplace, there’s a whole bunch of CRAP.

Just an endless supply of fat burners with great marketing and false promises of fast results.

Then, Mike Matthews from Legion Athletics comes into the picture and drops his proverbial ballsack on the supplement industry and changes everything.

Transparency is what Mike and his team at Legion have brought to the supplement industry and it is a breath of fresh air.

If you follow him or read any of his books or articles, you know exactly how thorough his work is and how well it works.

He takes “in-depth” to a whole other level.

When Legion, his new supplement company was created, he wanted to be honest with his consumers. There are no crap ingredients in legion phoenix.

Transparent labels and effective dosages are what Legion Supplements are all about. Each and every ingredient has a purpose and he always links to multiple scientific studies as to why he put in each individual ingredient. On top of that, every ingredient is natural helps you in one way or another.

SO, if you’re actually looking for a fat burner supplement to help your fat loss diet (not replace it) and give you that extra push, then you want to read this review.

In my Legion Phoenix Review, I’m going to go over my results with it, why it’s effective, and who SHOULDN’T use this fat burner.

Let’s take a closer look.

My Legion Phoenix Results in 2020

Month 1

Month 2 (started taking Legion Phoenix after this month)

Month 3

At the time of this writing, I’m currently in my 3rd month of cutting (you can check out my progress update videos on my YouTube channel here).

Anyways, I didn’t start taking Legion Phoenix right away. I actually started it after my second month of cutting. 

You see, I don’t start utilizing supplements such as fat burners until I know my nutrition is in check. I follow IIFYM: If It Fits Your Macros.

If it isn’t, then no fat burner is going to work for you, no matter what you do. 

If you’re not in a calorie deficit while taking any fat burner, you’re not going to see results.

When I first started taking Legion Phoenix, I immediately noticed the difference. Based on other reviews, this is a very common feeling. It felt like I was on autopilot.

I could stick to my deficit easier and it didn’t feel hard. That’s for a couple of reasons which we’ll get into soon.

How Many Extra Pounds Can You Expect to Lose by Taking Legion Phoenix?

Well, let’s say you’re in a calorie deficit of 500 calories. With Phoenix, that would range anywhere from 550-600 calories. 

You burn an additional 50-100 calories per day due to the ingredients in Phoenix (more on this soon).

Let’s do the math.

  • 500 calories x 7 day = 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat loss per week
  • 550 calories x 7 days = 3850 = 1.1 pound of fat loss per week
  • 600 calories x 7 days =  4200 = 1.2 pound of fat loss per week


  • 1 x 4 weeks = 4 pounds lost per month
  • 1.1 x 4 weeks = 4.4 pounds lost per month
  • 1.2 x 4 weeks = 4.8 pounds lost per month

This is why Legion DOES NOT promise an extra 2-3 lbs of extra weight loss per week like some fat burners. Instead, they are a lot more realistic and say that it’ll help you lose an additional half pound per week.

At most, you can expect an extra pound of fat loss each month, given that everything else (your nutrition and workout plan) are in check.

How Fat Loss and Fat Burners Work

No magical pill, leaf, tea, or use of any witchcraft will get you lean. It takes hard work and dedication and a calorie deficit.

A Calorie Deficit is Required

There’s no getting around it and anyone who tells you different is lying to you. In fact, you should run in the opposite direction if you hear otherwise.

Real quick, to find your calories required for losing weight, multiply your body weight by 15. The result is roughly the number of calories needed to maintain your weight.

Whatever number you get, subtract 25% from it and you will get your calorie deficit number.

Ex: 200 lbs x 15 = 3000

3000 – 25% = 2250 calories.

With that said, there’s a lot more that goes into losing weight and getting lean than only calories. 

If you want to learn more about calories, macros, meal planning, click here for a full guide on IIFYM.

Appetite Suppression

Lots of fat burners help with appetite suppression. This, in my opinion, is the most important feature that a fat burner can offer.

Most of the time, with any diet, the problem is eating TOO much damn food. Whenever I go on a diet, I feel like eating everything in the house.

When I take Phoenix, I don’t have that urge as often. I still get it sometimes, but a good fat burner (like Phoenix) will help with that. 

This isn’t to say that you will not have ANY appetite, but it will help.

The main ingredient that helps with appetite suppression, and that you should look for, is 5-HTP.

Increase Metabolic Rate (Burn More Calories)

In short, fat burners help you burn more calories. 

Burning more calories per day means a couple of things, depending on how you handle it.

You can either choose to eat more since you are burning more calories and still lose weight (given that you stick to your original calories you calculated).

Or, you can choose to stay in a bigger deficit and lose weight faster. 

Three main ingredients you should look for in a fat burner for additional calorie burn are Synephrine, Naringin, and Hesperidin. There are others but these work together synergistically. 

Using Fat For Fuel

Instead of using carbs for fuel, a good fat burner will help your body use fat for fuel instead. 

This is a good feature, but the best way to burn fat faster is to exercise more often and be more active. That being said, this benefit doesn’t hurt. 

Popular ingredients that do this are L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract or EGCG.

There’s a lot more than described above that goes into a great fat burner.

We’re now going to talk about how Legion Phoenix stacks up with all of this in mind.

Legion Phoenix Ingredients and Promises

If you check out the Phoenix sales page, the tagline is this:

“PHOENIX is a 100% natural fat burner that increases metabolic rate, amplifies the power of your body’s fat-burning chemicals, and reduces hunger and cravings.”

Let’s look at each of these claims closely and how Phoenix’s ingredients match up.

Synephrine, Naringin, Hesperidin

1. “Lose Weight Faster” by Speeding Up Your Metabolism

How does Phoenix speed up your metabolism?

With these 3 ingredients:

  • Synephrine
  • Naringin
  • Hesperidin

The names aren’t very important but, with the right dosages, each has been shown to produce an increase in your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Some of these ingredients also produce effects of the other claims. Although caffeine has also been shown to speed up your metabolism, phoenix is caffeine-free. These 3 make-up for the absence of caffeine.

The number of extra calories that Phoenix burns are somewhere from 50-100 calories per day. Click here to read more on how many calories Phoenix burns.

That is why they don’t promise an extra 2-3 lbs of extra weight loss per week like some fat burners. Instead, they are a lot more realistic and say that it’ll help you lose an additional half pound per week.

The clinically effective dose (upper end) for Synephrine, Naringin, and Hesperidin is 50 mg, 600mg, and 100mg respectively. 

Phoenix has clinically effective doses of all 3, per serving.

Read more about Synephrine, Naringin, and Hesperidin here.


2. Appetite Suppressing Effects

Synephrine, listed above, besides improving your BMR, has been shown to suppress hunger between meals.

That combined with 5-HTP is a great combination.

Legion says to take Legion Phoenix with food. That is because, when taken with food, 5-HTP increases feelings of satiety from the food that you eat. 

Not only does it help with your hunger, but it also increases serotonin in the brain. This is why Phoenix also claims to help with feelings of increased happiness and overall mood.

In short, Phoenix helps improve your mood and reduce appetite. 

It’s looking pretty good so far.

The clinically effective dose for 5-HTP is between 150-500mg. 

Phoenix contains 150mg per serving (read more about why in the link below).

Read more about 5-HTP here.

EGCG (Green Tea Extract) and Forskolin

3. Amplifies The Power Of Your Body’s Fat-Burning Chemicals

EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate – wow, that’s a mouthful) is also one of the main ingredients found in Phoenix.

The problem with most fat burners that use Green Tea Extract is that they use TOO much. If you use too much, you will start to feel nauseous and I personally hate that feeling! That’s why most fat burners feel like your heart is going to explode.

That’s why Legion only put the minimum effective dose of 400mg. Any more than that and you’ll get that sick feeling.

Regardless, research has shown that EGCG, accelerates fat loss and helps reduce abdominal fat!

In addition, EGCG “potentially increases the effectiveness” of 5-HTP. 

The clinically effective dose for EGCG is between 50-1000mg. 

Phoenix contains 400mg (to minimize side effects) per serving.

Forskolin is another ingredient in Phoenix.

It comes from the Indian herb Coleus Forskohlii. 

Research has shown that forskolin accelerates fat loss and increases testosterone levels.

Accelerate fat loss and increase testosterone? 

Sounds good to me.

If you’re looking for a great fat burner, make sure there’s Forskolin in it. 

The clinically effective dose isn’t completely known but it’s somewhere between 25-50mg.

Phoenix contains 50mg per serving.

Read more about the EGCG and Forskolin here.


This ingredient is in Phoenix because of 5-HTP. 

Legion says that “longer-term usage of 5-HTP may deplete bodily tyrosine stores.”

Therefore, they put this in as a cushion just in case. Although, they also say, “most people wouldn’t use Phoenix long enough to experience significant tyrosine depletion and likely get plenty of tyrosine from their diets, we’ve included it as a “just in case” safety buffer.”

Caffeine? Nope!

Yes, Phoenix is caffeine-free. And that’s why I use it.

If you follow intermittent fasting, then you know you probably drink coffee already to get through the fast.

Even if you don’t follow IF, this is great because you can still have your cup of coffee (or 3 or 7) and not be “over-caffeinated.” This means you can also take your pre-workout supplement if you have one.

I stack Phoenix with Legion’s Pulse Pre-Workout Product, which already contains caffeine. It’s the perfect 1-2 punch.

If Phoenix DID have caffeine, it would be tough to go to sleep at night! I love my coffee as much as the next person so don’t overdo it!

Legion Phoenix Price

Note-Recent 2020 May Update: Legion now offers payment plans with Sezzle which makes it incredibly easy to buy their high-quality supplements!

It’s $35 a bottle regardless if you buy it through Amazon or the Legion Website. However, if you buy through Legion’s website, there is a brand new Reward system that is great if you buy Legion Supplements regularly. More on this in a second.

Let’s compare this to the price of other fat burners on the market.

Our Pick
Legion Phoenix Thermogenic Fat Burners & Weight Loss Pills for Men & Women - 100% Natural & Caffeine Free Dietary Supplements with Metabolism Booster and Appetite Suppressant - 30 Serv, 150 Capsules
VINTAGE BURN – The First Muscle-Preserving Fat Burner - Premium Thermogenic Weight Loss Supplement & Appetite Suppressant - Metabolism & Energy Booster, for Men & Women - 120 Natural Veggie Diet Pills
Weight Loss Pills for Women & Men | Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite | Weight Loss Supplement Pills | Energy Pills | Metabolism Booster for Weight Loss | Weightloss Supplements | 100 Pills(package may vary)
Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner - Weight Loss Supplement, Appetite Suppressant, & Energy Booster - Premium Fat Burning Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, & More - 60 Natural Veggie Diet Pills
Legion Phoenix
Vintage Burn
Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
Caffeine Free?
Our Pick
Legion Phoenix Thermogenic Fat Burners & Weight Loss Pills for Men & Women - 100% Natural & Caffeine Free Dietary Supplements with Metabolism Booster and Appetite Suppressant - 30 Serv, 150 Capsules
Legion Phoenix
Caffeine Free?
VINTAGE BURN – The First Muscle-Preserving Fat Burner - Premium Thermogenic Weight Loss Supplement & Appetite Suppressant - Metabolism & Energy Booster, for Men & Women - 120 Natural Veggie Diet Pills
Vintage Burn
Caffeine Free?
Weight Loss Pills for Women & Men | Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite | Weight Loss Supplement Pills | Energy Pills | Metabolism Booster for Weight Loss | Weightloss Supplements | 100 Pills(package may vary)
Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
Caffeine Free?
Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner - Weight Loss Supplement, Appetite Suppressant, & Energy Booster - Premium Fat Burning Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, & More - 60 Natural Veggie Diet Pills
Caffeine Free?

As you can see, most fat burners are priced at the $19-50 range. Some are much heftier in the price department.

However, the cheaper products usually include inadequate dosages of their ingredients and sometimes even useless ingredients. Any fat burner less than $25 is usually a bad sign!

The reason behind the higher price of Phoenix is because it ACTUALLY includes the effective dosages of each ingredient.

So, while you can see results with other fat-burners, you’ll most likely see more with Phoenix due to that fact.

Here’s what you get for $35.

30 servings. 5 Capsules per serving.

You can take 2 with breakfast and 3 with lunch or vice versa.

Now, let’s talk about how to reap the rewards of Legion’s NEW reward program on their website.


Legion’s Reward System (NEW)

Like the picture says, “Buy Stuff. Earn Points. Get Rewards.”

You get 1 point per dollar, and this can increase depending on how much you spend on the website.

As you can see, I am in the Centurion level. This means I’ve spent $250-$499 this year at Legion.

Because of this, I can now get more points per dollar I spend. Specifically, 1.25 points/dollar.

There are multiple ways you can earn more points:

This is a GREAT system especially if you shop at Legion often and use their supplements yearly as I do.

After you accumulate enough points, you can use it on your purchase. Think of it as an extra coupon code (yes, you can even use a coupon code and your points for even more savings)!

Why You Can Trust Legion and Their Products

Legion has an entire page on why they are different from the rest (which you can check out here) so I won’t go over every reason, but these are the main reasons why I buy 95% of my supplements from Legion:

  • They have a scientific advisory board that overlooks the creation of every single product that Legion creates
  • They have ZERO junk fillers in any of their products
  • ZERO proprietary blends
  • All dosages at clinically effective levels
  • Quality at a good value $
  • All of their products benefit from the list above and I mention it in all my reviews of theirs.

Rest assured that when you buy from Legion, your money is well-spent.

Final Verdict

Legion Phoenix Pros

Here’s what I like about this particular fat burner:

  • It suppresses my appetite between meals. This is pretty essential when dieting. As we know, sticking to your diet is the toughest part and phoenix helps you stick to your diet by suppressing your hunger!
  • It helps me lose an additional 0.5-1 pound per week. This can really change the game in your fat loss, especially if you’re struggling and need an extra push. As the weeks go on, this can add up!
  • It’s caffeine-free! Perfect for stacking with other supplements that contain caffeine already or if you follow intermittent fasting.
  • Phoenix is 100% transparent and tells you exactly what’s in it and why.

Legion Phoenix Cons

  • Some people have found that Phoenix upsets their stomach when first consuming it.

I haven’t come across this problem myself — it works just fine without any complications for me.

However, Legion and many of its users have stated that their stomach problems go away after the first week.

Just something you should know about the product.

The second is the price–kind of.

  • It’s definitely not the cheapest fat burner

It’s not expensive, but it certainly ain’t cheap. 

However, I think it can be justified because of the quality and effective dosage of the ingredients. Remember, you get what you pay for.

  • Designed to be taken with caffeine?

This can be seen as a pro or a con.

For most people, caffeine is ingested by their morning cup of joe. Or their pre-workout supplement. Or caffeine pills.

Some people, however, take none of the above and the only caffeine they would be intaking would be from their fat-burner (most all have caffeine).

That being said, I think the absence of caffeine is warranted and will be beneficial for most. 

All in all, I’ve found this fat burner to be helpful while cutting.

(My results from my 2019 cut)

Phoenix was NOT the reason I got to this state, only good dieting and hard work did this, however it did speed up the process.

Remember, you must be in a caloric deficit and be training hard to see the results from ANY fat burner, not just Phoenix. 

If you remember that, then Phoenix is right for you and you will keep buying it for every cut as I have.

I believe that Phoenix, and Legion Athletics as a supplement company, is at the top of their game.

Every single one of their products is at the same quality as Phoenix.

Other Phoenix Fat Burner Reviews

Amazon currently shows a 4/5 star average for Phoenix which is pretty good considering most fat burners have far worse reviews on Amazon.

On the Legion website, it’s pretty much the same story:

Here’s my final score:

Legion Phoenix

Although you are paying an above-average price for higher, dosages of the best ingredients, the extra fat loss that occurs from Phoenix, along with its appetite-suppressing effects is worth the price. It’s just a great, overall product.




Exclusive Bonus

If you buy Legion Phoenix through any link on this page, then you can get my free IIFYM Dieting book completely FREE. All you need to do is send my an email receipt as proof of purchase and send it to my email chris@leanwithstyle dot com.

After receiving your email, I will send you a PDF version of the book.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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