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"Chris was one of the first people to enroll in ShredSmart back in 2016 (that’s how we first talked) and over the years he has specialized in teaching flexible dieting. His book now ranks #1 organically for the keyword “IIFYM” on Amazon and he also has a video course online (44 lessons) that goes in-depth into tracking macros."
Chris has been nothing short of a blessing when it has come to my weight loss. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me and helping me change my life in 2020. Don’t make the mistake of not signing up for the LEAN program!
Student of my LEAN Program
“I started the LEAN program just looking to lose weight for my wedding, but honestly, it helped me completely change my life in 2020! I always thought it would be a hard process to lose weight but Chris and his program made things extremely easy and simple to follow, so do yourself a favor and SIGN UP NOW!“
Student of my LEAN Program
“Extremely easy to follow and very informative. I was looking for something to get me started on my fitness journey and couldn’t be happier I found this course.
Student of my LEAN Program

Here's Our Simple Path To Getting Lean

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My name is Christian Pinedo and I run the site. I struggled at losing weight for over 2 years when I first began my fitness journey. Yes, 2 years! I tried every crash diet imaginable and it wasn’t until I found IIFYM and Flexible Dieting that I started to see not only results but sustainable results. Check out our full IIFYM guide here.

My name is John Pinedo and, like my brother, I too failed at losing weight for a long time as well. I ballooned up to a substantial weight after having back surgery and it wasn’t until we learned about flexible dieting and proper strength training that we started to see results. We hope you find out site useful and most of all, helpful.

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