Intermittent Fasting Workout Plan For Fed Training – Part 2


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What’s up you guys, in this post, we’re going to go over an intermittent fasting workout plan.

This is part two of two of a small post series. 

The first post, which I posted yesterday is about an intermittent fasting workout plan for FASTED training (click here to check that post out).

This post is if you do NOT train fasted, meaning, you like to have some food in your stomach before working out.

So the structure compared to fasted training is very similar, except when you get to the actual meals part.

So of course, you’re still going to follow intermittent fasting as you normally would.

Follow Intermittent Fasting For The First 4-6 Hours Upon Waking

I’m assuming you already know what intermittent fasting is, like all the protocols and what intermittent fasting consists of.

If you aren’t sure, then check out my article on it. I go over everything you need to know about intermittent fasting; the benefits, the how to’s, my favorite schedules, etc. 

So check that out. But basically, you just fast for the four to six hours.

Drink Water, Coffee, or Sparkling Water During This Time

Then the second step: drink water, coffee, or sparkling water, or all three, to get through the fast.

I like to drink water first in the morning.

So for the first hour of begin awake, I only drink water, then I drink my coffee.

I do that so I can extend the fasting further because coffee, for me, helps a lot with suppressing appetite.

As you may already know, coffee is an appetite suppressant, naturally. 

Pushing that coffee back, just one hour after waking up actually pushes my fast later in the day even longer. So that’s why I like to drink water first.

Break Your Intermittent Fast With a Small Pre-Workout Meal (200-400 Calories)

intermittent fasting workout plan

So this is where the approach changes compared to fasted training. You would just go train (weights, cardio, or both) without eating beforehand.

Instead, what you’re gonna do is break your intermittent fast with a small pre-workout meal. 

This small pre-workout meal should be anywhere from 200 to 400 calories. 

Make sure that this meal has about 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates and 20 to 30 grams of protein for optimal gym performance.

This study basically says why that is the the best amount of macronutrients to have before going to the gym.

There’s not really any benefits for having a high number of fats before training. Carbs and protein are the best macronutrients you could have before training. 

So make sure this this meal has about 30 to 50 grams of carbs, and 20 to 30 grams of protein.

As Far As Workouts Go, I Like to Follow Martin Berkhans’ The Leangains Method Workout Plan

leangains workout

The Leangains Method

So the workout that I like to follow when I’m following intermittent fasting, is the Leangains method.

Martin Berkhan, the creator of leangains, is known as the godfather of intermittent fasting. 

He was one of the first people to actually talk about intermittent fasting in the fitness space.

He has actually made a whole entire website and recently, a new book.

And so the leangains method, that’s the workout plan that I follow intermittent fasting is definitely a good read.

It’s only $9 and the amount of value getting that book is so worth it.

So if you follow intermittent fasting, and you want a good workout plan that actually works, check out that book.

Update: the book above is great, however, it requires you to always be in a deficit, which is fine. However, if you’re maybe looking to bulk or look for lean mass phase, definitely consider the Kinobody Greek God Program. It’s similar but provides a lot more detail with videos and other workouts that are accessible.

After Your Intermittent Fasting Workout, You Have 2 Options:

Option 1: Eat a Huge Meal (800-1400 calories) Which Should Leave You With 1 Meal Left for the Day.

Intermittent fasting workout

This huge meal should be anywhere from 800 – 1400 calories, which should leave you with at least one meal left for the rest of the day.

This is technically your feast. Make sure this meal contains a lot of protein.

I usually get 110 grams of protein in this big meal. It’s also the most tasty meal and it’s amazing. 

Option 2: Eat a Medium-Size Meal (500-600 calories) Which Should Leave You With 2 Meals Left for the Day.

intermittent fasting workout plan

Option number two is to eat a medium sized meal which should be about 500 to 600 calories, which should leave you with two meals left for the day.

So if you do choose option two, make sure to have at least 30 grams of protein in that post-workout meal to maximize protein synthesis.

Then, later in the day, preferably at night, you can have your biggest meal.

Choosing Between The Two Intermittent Fasting Meal Options

Choosing between option one and option two depends on a lot of things. 

There’s not really a preference that I have. Some days it’ll be a big meal, someday’s I like to have more meal spread out.

It depends honestly on when you work out, your schedule, etc., but it also depends on a couple of things as well, such as:

  • How hard was the workout?
  • Did you lift heavy and do cardio?
  • Did you just lift only?
  • Did you just do cardio?

And then it also depends on how you feel. So:

  • Are you starving? 
  • Do you have to eat right this second?
  • Or Could you hold off for a little bit?

So it depends on how you feel how hard the workout is basically. So choose whichever option works best for you and your schedule.

The Bottom Line On This Intermittent Fasting Workout Plan

So the bottom line when following intermittent fasting and integrating your workouts, whether it be fed training, like this post, or fasted training like the other post, you want to find what works best for you. 

Again, this depends on your schedule, your meal preferences when you have work, when you go to sleep, etc. 

Again, the most important thing is to just once you find whatever works best for you, stick with it!

Like Vince Delmonte says :

the best diet is the one you follow.

You could say that for a lot of things. 

The best workout plan is the one you follow.

The best schedule is the one you follow.

I hope this post has helped you guys let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. 

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Talk soon,

Christian Pinedo


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