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Intermittent Fasting Workout Plan For Fasted Training

Christian Pinedo


Rather watch my video on this Intermittent Fasting Workout Plan?

So you like fasted training eh?

Do you also follow intermittent fasting

Well, lucky for you, we’re going to go over an intermittent fasting workout plan specifically for fasted training.

The first thing you got to do is do what you’ve been doing. Follow intermittent fasting.

Since you’re here reading this article, I’m assuming you’re already know how intermittent fasting works and the benefits, etc. 

If you don’t know intermittent fasting is then I highly recommend you check out my article on the topic.

During the fasting period (the 4-6 hours after you’re awake), you are to:

Step 1: Drink Water, Coffee, or Sparkling Water During This Time

So you want to drink water, coffee, sparkling water during this time.

I do all three sometimes, but mostly I stick to water and coffee. What I like to do is I drink water for the first hour upon waking, and I know that sounds terrible to some of you guys but just water.

Then, an hour into my fast I start drinking coffee. This extends my fast and makes it a lot easier to go longer without food.

If you are into sparkling water I would recommend it. It does fill you up a lot and you don’t get the caffeine if you’re not a huge fan of caffeine so you can do that as well.

I prefer coffee over sparkling water but that’s just me.

Step 2: (Optional, But Highly Recommended) – 30 Minutes Before Your Fasted Workout, Take 10g of BCAAs or Legion Forge

Step number two is optional but highly recommended. 30 minutes before your fasted workout, take 10 grams of BCAAs or Legion Forge.

This step is optional but recommended because if you are training fasted, because there are some downsides to training fasted.

Downsides of Training Fasted

The downside is that you have the potential to lose a lot of muscle.

Now when you combine a caloric deficit with training fasted your potential to lose muscle increases a lot.

So a lot of people recommend BCAAs, which is a great supplement to preserve muscle however I prefer Legion Forge.

I have a review on this supplement if you want to learn more, but basically, Legion Forge is BCAAs on steroids.

You get the benefit of those ingredients in BCAAs that preserve muscle while fasted training but you also get extra energy and increased fat loss from fasted training.​

You don’t get as much energy when training fasted and you don’t feel 100%, at least for most people.

And so taking supplements like BCAAs or Forge will help out with that along with preserving your muscle.

Again I go over all of these in my Legion Forge review but I highly recommend to either take BCAAs or Legion Forge.

Again, this step is optional but highly recommended. If you want to lose fat and not lose your muscle then I highly recommend those.

Get Legion Forge Here

Leangains Workout

The LeanGains Method

So as far as the workout itself goes, you can follow any style of training.

A specific intermittent fasting workout plan that I like is from Martin Berkhan from Leangains.

His new book, The LeanGains Method follows intermittent fasting.

He is essentially the godfather of intermittent fasting and this is his workout plan.

If you’re interested in his personal intermittent fasting workout plan, then get his new book, The LeanGains Method.

It basically follows a reverse pyramid style workout.

He also does all of his workouts, fasted.

And so this is a great option because it falls right in to what you’re doing.

Its kind of funny – the godfather of intermittent fasting, showing us his workout plans that he already does fasted – perfect.

So that’s what I follow right now at this moment. ​

It’s on Amazon right now for about nine bucks, which is really good for the amount of value getting that book.

Update: the book above is great, however, it requires you to always be in a deficit, which is fine. However, if you’re maybe looking to bulk or looking to put on lean mass, definitely consider the Kinobody Greek God Program. It’s similar but provides a lot more detail with videos and other workouts that are accessible.

Step 3: After Your Intermittent Fasting Workout, FEAST

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Step number three is after your intermittent fasting workout, feast.

Eat a big meal – about 60% of your calories.

It doesn’t have to be 60% of your calories, but that’s what I like to do.

I like to have a big meal right after my workout, especially if it’s a fasted training workout.

Anywhere From 800-1400 Calories Depending On Your Calories

This meal can be anywhere from 800 to 1400 calories depending on how many calories you have to work with.

My meal is usually around 1000 calories because I work with 2000 calories when I’m cutting, which I’m doing right now.

So 1000-ish calories is what I eat right after my fasted training workouts.​

This meal should include like a lot of protein, at least half of your daily protein intake.

I usually about 100 grams of protein in this meal alone.

Now for some of you, this might be different but when you’re following intermittent fasting this is the name of the game.

Step 4: 4-6 Hours After Your Feast…

Four to six hours after this big meal that you just had, you want to have either 1 to 2 meals that get rid of your remaining calories.

Let’s say you have 2000 calories to work with like I do.

If you ate 1000 calories, you want to spread the remaining thousand calories into one or two meals.

You can have another huge meal, which I’ve done before and that’s amazing or, you can split that into three meals, two meals, however you want to spread those last 1000 calories in whatever works best for you as long as you’re staying on your calories and you’re getting your macro nutrient goals you should be fine.

That’s the basic structure for this intermittent fasting workout plan if you train fasted.

It’s a little different if you don’t train fasted which will be the next article in this little series but if you are working out on an empty stomach and you follow intermittent fasting you want to follow this plan.


  • Follow intermittent fasting right before your workout. 
  • Optional but recommended – take BCAAs or Legion Forge (I recommend Legion Forge).
  • Then you work out using my preferred method for intermittent fasting workouts – the LeanGains Method
  • Then after you work out have a feast – a big meal about 800 to 1400 calories, depending on how many calories you’re working with.
  • Then four to six hours after that feast – which you should be full for 4 to 6 hours – You want to eat the rest of your calories spread out into 1 to 3 meals.

That’s the plan.

Follow it and stick to it if you train fasted and follow intermittent fasting.

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