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Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts Review: Unbiased Insights and Expert Opinion

Christian Pinedo


As a fitness enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for the perfect pair of shorts for my workouts and outdoor adventures. After stumbling upon the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts, I couldn’t resist giving them a try. Developed in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, these shorts promise to deliver durability, mobility, and versatility, making them suitable for various types of training and activities.

Ten Thousand has rapidly gained popularity as a brand dedicated to crafting high-quality, performance-oriented training gear. Their Tactical Shorts have been thoroughly tested by elite operators across the military, ensuring top-notch performance in even the most demanding conditions. My curiosity was piqued, and I decided to put them to the test to see if they lived up to the hype.

In this review, I will share my candid thoughts on the style, utility, performance, and overall value of the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts. From my own experience and extensive research, I examine the features and functionality of these shorts in a real-world context and discuss how they stack up against the competition.

Key Takeaways

  • Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts offer a blend of durability, mobility, and versatility for various workouts and activities.
  • Designed with input from U.S. Special Operations Forces, these shorts undergo rigorous testing to ensure top performance.
  • In this review, I shed light on their style, utility, performance, and value, providing a comprehensive assessment for potential buyers.

Ten Thousand Brand Overview

Ten Thousand is a US-based company specializing in creating high-quality training gear, specifically designed for athletes. They collaborate with some of the world’s top athletes to design, develop, and test their products. Their goal is simple: to create gear that is built to perform and worthy of athletes’ demands.

One of their notable products is the Ten Thousand Tactical Short, which is part of their Pro Line collection. I appreciate that the Pro Line is specifically tailored for the needs of specialized training. The Tactical Short, in particular, was designed and tested in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces. This ensures the shorts offer the ultimate combination of durability, mobility, and versatility.

Some standout features of the Tactical Short include sweat-wicking and quick-drying capabilities. It also comes with a permanent anti-odor treatment, a highly practical carry pocket system, and laser-cut ventilation to help keep the wearer cool during intense workouts. To top it off, the short is made with four-way stretch fabric, which allows for optimum comfort and mobility.

Ten Thousand’s commitment to creating functional, performance-driven gear is evident in the over 31,000 five-star reviews they’ve received from their customers. I admire their dedication to working closely with top athletes to ensure their gear meets the highest standards and that they always strive to improve and innovate.

Features of Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts

Fabric and Design

I find the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts are designed to be both durable and lightweight, making them perfect for intense workouts or outdoor activities. The fabric and design of the shorts offer an ideal combination of durability, mobility, and versatility, a result of collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces. The shorts are crafted with a focus on enhancing performance while maintaining comfort throughout a range of physical activities.

Inseam and Waistband

The inseam and waistband of the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts are designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit. I appreciate the adjustable waistband, allowing me to customize the fit to my preference while remaining snug during any physical activity. Additionally, the shorts are available in various inseam lengths, accommodating individuals of different heights and ensuring optimal freedom of movement.

Carry Pocket System

An essential feature of the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts is the robust carry pocket system. This pocket system has been carefully designed to hold necessary items and equipment securely without hindering performance. With multiple pocket options, including zippered pockets and side utility pockets, I can carry my belongings with confidence while engaging in intense training or outdoor adventures.

Style and Utility Compared

When it comes to athletic wear, style and utility are key factors to consider. With this in mind, let’s discuss the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts and how they compare to other shorts in their lineup, specifically the Interval Shorts and Session Shorts.

First, the Tactical Utility Short stands out for its durability and purpose-driven design. Inspired by members of the U.S. Special Operations community, these shorts are built to handle a wide range of activities, from rucks to range work. Their solid construction and performance features make them an excellent choice for those who need gear suited for intense training sessions.

In terms of style, the Tactical Utility Short offers a clean, minimalistic appearance. With their well-structured design and rugged look, I believe they can easily be incorporated into any fitness enthusiast’s wardrobe.

Comparatively, the Ten Thousand Interval Short is designed for versatility and comfort during a wide range of workouts. The lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric allows for optimal movement, while the waistband provides a secure fit. Although these shorts may not be as rugged as the Tactical Utility Shorts, they offer their own unique blend of comfort and style that is perfect for various training sessions.

Meanwhile, the Session Short focuses on providing the optimal balance of performance and durability. With a slightly longer inseam than the Interval Short, the Session Short provides more coverage and support for the wearer. Its design also includes a welded back pocket, giving it a refined look without sacrificing practicality.

Taking everything into account, each of these shorts brings unique features to the table. The Tactical Utility Short excels in durability and purpose-driven design, while the Interval Short offers versatility and comfort, and the Session Short delivers a balance of performance and durability. While my personal preference might lean towards one style, it’s important to remember that the perfect fitness gear should be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Performance and Comfort

In my experience, the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts provide a unique combination of performance and comfort during various physical activities. As a part of the Ten Thousand Pro Line, these shorts have been designed to cater to the specific needs of specialized training.

When it comes to training, I find that these shorts excel in both durability and versatility. They allow me to perform a variety of exercises such as weightlifting, functional training, and even high-intensity interval training without any hindrance. The Tactical Shorts are surprisingly lightweight, which makes them perfect for running and other cardiovascular activities too.

The gym environment can often be challenging due to fluctuating temperatures and varying levels of humidity. However, these shorts have proven to be quite adaptable and comfortable in such conditions. The material is not only lightweight but also possesses excellent breathability, preventing any excessive sweating or discomfort during workouts.

Moreover, the Tactical Utility Short variant co-created by members of the U.S. Special Operations community ensures an enhanced level of durability and functionality for off-the-grid scenarios. This has proved to be quite useful for activities such as rucks, range work, and other outdoor adventures.

I have also noticed that the shorts’ waistband and liner provide a great deal of comfort while maintaining a secure fit. This allows me to focus on my training without the need for constant adjustments or the annoyance of an ill-fitting garment. Overall, the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts prove to be a reliable and comfortable choice for any training or physical activity.

Size and Fitting

When it comes to the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts, I found that they offer a great range of sizes to accommodate most body types. The shorts are available in sizes from small to XXL, ensuring a comfortable fit for a variety of users.

In my experience, the shorts fit true to size, and the waistband offers a secure and snug fit without digging in or causing discomfort. The adjustable waistband also gives you the option to customize the fit to your preference, which I found particularly useful.

The shorts provide excellent mobility and don’t restrict my movements during workouts or other activities, thanks to the use of durable and stretchy materials. The fabric is both lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for intense training sessions or hikes on hot days. I didn’t experience any chafing or discomfort from the shorts, even during long sessions or wearing them for extended periods.

Overall, in terms of sizing and fit, the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts stand out as a top-notch option for those seeking both comfort and functionality.

Customer Service and Support

As a customer, I always consider the quality of customer service and support when making a purchase. In the case of Ten Thousand, I have found their customer service to be very responsive and helpful.

When I first encountered issues with my order, I visited the Ten Thousand Support Center which has a wide range of articles that cover various aspects of their products and services. From their manufacturing and design process, returns and exchanges, to their partnerships and ambassador program – the articles provided me with comprehensive information on most questions I had in mind.

In case I needed additional help, I found their “Contact Us” section to be quite efficient. By including my order number and a detailed description, I received a swift response from their support team. Their prompt and accurate assistance left me feeling confident in their support system.

In addition, the ease of making a purchase on their website was noteworthy. With a clear and user-friendly platform, my shopping experience was seamless from product selection to payment and order confirmation. Their commitment to customer satisfaction became evident with the availability of multiple payment options and a smooth returns and exchange process.

Throughout my experience with Ten Thousand, I appreciated their confident, knowledgeable, and clear approach to customer service. They have effectively conveyed their dedication to offering valuable support and ensuring a positive experience for customers like me.

Price and Value

When considering the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts, it’s important to examine the price and value of these versatile shorts. Aspiring buyers should be aware that the Tactical Short costs $78, while the Tactical Utility Short is priced at $98. While these may not be the most affordable options on the market, numerous factors justify the investment.

Firstly, I must mention the impressive durability of these shorts. As they have been designed and tested in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, the shorts are ideal for both intense workouts and outdoor activities. Furthermore, they have been developed and tested by Ten Thousand’s core athletes, ensuring their reliability and longevity.

Moreover, the Tactical Shorts are known for their mobility and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of fitness activities. Whether it’s a gym session, a long hike, or an outdoor adventure, these shorts provide the comfort and support needed for optimal performance.

Additionally, Ten Thousand offers a Lifetime Guarantee on their products. This means that if the shorts do not meet your expectations in terms of quality and durability, the company is willing to replace them. This guarantee, along with free shipping and returns for orders over $75, adds to the overall value of purchasing the Tactical Shorts.

In conclusion, although the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts come with a higher price tag, their durability, versatility, and backing by the company make them a worthy investment for those seeking high-quality performance gear. With my confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear perspective, I have ascertained that these shorts provide value for their price, making them an ideal purchase for people looking to invest in premium training apparel.


In my experience with Ten Thousand shorts, I noticed that the Tactical Shorts are a well-crafted and reliable option for those seeking durability, mobility, and versatility in their training gear. These shorts were designed and tested in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, which speaks to their high-quality construction and performance capabilities.

Personally, I found the Tactical Shorts to be comfortable and functional, allowing me to focus on my workouts without any distractions or limitations. The design features of these shorts, such as the durable fabric and ample storage, make them suitable for a wide range of activities, from intense training sessions to everyday wear.

Additionally, the positive reviews from other customers provide further evidence of the quality and performance of Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts. Given my own experience and the general consensus of other users, I feel confident in recommending these shorts to anyone in search of reliable and versatile workout gear.

In summary, I can confidently say that my experience with Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts has been positive, and I believe they would be a valuable addition to anyone’s fitness wardrobe. Their combination of durability, mobility, and versatility make them an excellent choice for those who demand high-quality gear for their training needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the overall quality of Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts?

In my experience, the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts are of high quality. They were designed and tested in collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, which indicates a focus on durability, mobility, and versatility. Although I cannot guarantee the same experience for everyone, I have found these shorts to be reliable and comfortable for various activities.

How do these shorts compare to other Ten Thousand products?

Comparing the Tactical Shorts to other Ten Thousand products, I would say they hold up well in terms of quality and design. The Tactical Shorts are part of the Ten Thousand Pro Line, which is a collection of gear specifically designed for specialized training. If you are satisfied with other Ten Thousand products, you will likely be happy with the Tactical Shorts as well.

What activities are best suited for these tactical shorts?

The Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts are ideally suited for a wide range of activities, especially those that require durability, mobility, and versatility. Examples include workouts, military training, and outdoor adventures. Their design, which was perfected through intense field testing by elite military operators, ensures they can withstand demanding scenarios.

What materials are used in the construction of the shorts?

While the exact materials aren’t specified in the search results, the collaboration with members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces suggests the use of durable, high-performance materials in the construction of the Tactical Shorts. For more detailed information on materials, you may want to visit the Ten Thousand website.

How does the sizing and fit compare to other brands?

The sizing of Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts may vary from other brands, but I cannot provide specific comparisons. It’s always best to consult the brand’s size chart and check customer reviews to ensure you find the most accurate and comfortable fit.

Are there any key features that set these shorts apart from competitors?

One key feature of the Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts is their collaboration with the U.S. Special Operations Forces, which sets them apart from competitors. This collaboration helps ensure the shorts are of the highest quality and meet the rigorous demands of elite military operators. Additionally, being part of the Ten Thousand Pro Line highlights their focus on specialized training and performance.

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