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Ten Thousand Interval Shorts Review

Christian Pinedo


TLDR: The Interval Shorts from Ten Thousand are incredible and worth the high price tag. Yes, they’re expensive, but compared to other popular brands like Lululemon, I think they’re better for a similar price. There is one con that is major but minor. Read my entire Ten Thousand Interval Short Review to learn everything I love about these shorts. Also, use my code CPINEDO15 for 15% off your first purchase!

In October 2020, I decided to make a video stating how the Ten Thousand shorts were better than shorts from other popular brands like:

  • Nike
  • Lululemon
  • Chubbies
  • Under Armour

You can see the video I made here explaining everything:

However, that was then. What about now?

Do the Ten Thousand Interval Shorts hold up in 2022?

Since that video back in 2020, I’ve accumulated shirts, sweaters, and, yes, more of the same shorts in different colors and inseams.

My shorts have held up since then, well, kind of.

Let’s talk about it.

My #1 Complaint (that is minor).

Yes, it’s a minor complaint, but a complaint nonetheless.

The damn drawstrings get tangled after multiple washes.

Are the shorts still usable? Yes.

Do the shorts still feel great? Yes.

Do the shorts still look as cool as they were on day 1 compared to 2 years later? YES!

What’s Great About The Ten Thousand Interval Shorts (And What’s Not)?


  • Durability is incredible (2 years later and then still feel brand new)
  • Comfy is an understatement; they feel incredible every time I put them on.
  • 3 Pockets (1 Zipper, 2 normal pockets).
  • 2 “Pouches” (both inside of shorts).
  • They look great, clean, and fresh.
  • Laser cut holes
  • Available in 5″, “7” and 9″ inseams. (I like going super short with the 5″ to show off some thigh)
  • The price is reasonable when compared to Lululemon and other high-end gym shorts.
  • Free returns!


  • The drawstring can get tangled inside the shorts over time. Really annoying.
  • The price is expensive compared to generic gym shorts.

Ten Thousand Interval Shorts Pricing

Whether you get the interval shorts with liner or no liner, you pay $68 for these shorts.

This is definitely a high price point. Ten Thousand interval shorts are the most I’d spend on shorts, for sure. Ten Thousand gear is expensive, with most of their items, besides shorts and accessories, above $98.

Regardless, with free returns, I think it’s worth a try for most.

You can save 15% off of Ten Thousand Interval Shorts with code CPINEDO15!

Final Verdict:

Our Score

The Interval Shorts from Ten Thousand are incredible and worth the high price tag. Yes, they're expensive, but compared to other popular brands like Lululemon, I think they're better for a similar price. Use my code CPINEDO15 for 15% off your first purchase!

About Ten Thousand

The activewear brand Ten Thousand Shorts is geared toward people who are looking for quality workout gear that will last them a long time. Their shorts are made with durable materials and come in a variety of styles to suit any type of activity. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or playing sports, Ten Thousand Shorts has a pair of shorts that will help you perform your best.

One of the great things about Ten Thousand Shorts is that they offer a wide range of sizes. Whether you’re petite or plus-size, you’ll be able to find a pair of shorts that fits you well.

More about Ten Thousand Interval Shorts

According to Ten Thousand, these are some of the features of the shorts, in case I missed anything:

  • No-pinch, no-bunch waistband (except after a year of washing)
  • Cling-free, ultra-wicking shell for mobility
  • Four-way stretch for max range of motion
  • Sweat-wicking and quick drying
  • Optional medium compression liner with permanent silver ion anti-odor treatment
  • Perfect pocket system for secure storage
  • Bonded hems for no-bulk, lightweight performance
  • Leg gusset for range of motion
  • Available in 5″, 7”, and 9” inseams, and with or without liner

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