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Is Kinobody any good? An Honest Review

Christian Pinedo


Kinobody is a workout and diet program that has been getting a lot of attention lately. The program claims to be able to help users get ripped abs and achieve the “Greek God” physique without hours spent in the gym. So, is Kinobody any good? I decided to find out for myself. Here’s my honest review of the program.

How Does Kinobody Work?

The premise of Kinobody is simple: by following the intermittent fasting diet and 3-day per week workout recommendations in the program, users will be able to achieve their desired physique. There are programs designed for both men and women, but let’s be honest – the guys are really the target market here.

Kinobody, or Greg O’Gallagher, claims that his programs can help users lose fat and build muscle at the same time. The workouts use a lot of reverse pyramid training, which is effective at building muscle.

No matter the program, the diet recommendations involve eating 2 big meals and 1 snack and fasting, specifically, intermittent fasting.

Does Kinobody Work? My Experience With His Programs

I decided to give Kinobody a try for myself years ago, back in 2015, to see if it was actually effective. I followed the diet recommendations for two weeks and did the workouts as prescribed. I have to say; I was pretty surprised at the results.

First of all, the workouts were short but effective and to the point. Lift heavy, don’t spend hours in the gym, and only 3x per week.

As far as the dieting portion, it was very eye-opening. Before Kinobdy, I never really heard of intermittent fasting. It sounded like a bunch of hoopla! For the first couple of days, it was tough, skipping breakfast.

However, after the first week of drinking black coffee on an empty stomach and getting lots of productive hours in during the fasting hours, I was hooked.

I lost a couple of pounds in 2 weeks just from that one change, and from there, I was a follower of the Kinobody “religion.”

It’s now 2022, and he came out with the Movie Star Body program and his programs have improved.


So – is Kinobody any good? In my opinion, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the other competition out there. It’s not going to win any strength training awards, but that’s not the target audience. The target audience is men who want to get in great shape without living in the gym, and for that goal, it’s a great program.

Interested in Kinobody programs?

If you’re looking to invest in one of Kinobody’s programs like Aggressive Fat Loss, Greek God, or Movie Star Body, then you’ll want to read this.

He has a secret $20 discount if you take his physique quiz (seriously). If you don’t take the quiz, then you have to pay full price for any of his programs. Take it here or click on the button below and pick the best program for you:

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