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How Did Kinobody Get Rich?

Christian Pinedo


In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Kinobody got rich.

“Kinobody” is an internet fitness company that sells workout programs, nutrition plans, and supplements. The company was founded by Greg O’Gallagher, who is also the face of the brand. Kinobody’s marketing is geared towards men who want to get in shape but don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in their fitness. The company has been successful in building a following of millions of fans and has generated over well over 8 figures in sales. 

How Did Kinobody Get Rich?

1) Greg O’Gallagher had a passion for fitness from an early age which led him to create Kinobody 

2) The power of content marketing- he gave away free workout routines, which led to millions of dollars in sales  

3) Creating supplementary products such as nutrition plans and supplements 

4) Building an email list and creating a social media following 

5) Greg O’Gallagher is a hustler- he worked hard to create valuable videos, write blog posts and be active on social media 

6) He was able to drop out of college and become a full-time entrepreneur 

7) Greg O’Gallagher is now a millionaire because of his success with Kinobody 

8) Kinobody continues to grow and has helped thousands of men transform their lives 

The Most Important Advice Kinobody Gave About His Riches:

“Now, let’s not forget for a second that building the confidence to pursue the life of my dreams all started with conquering my fitness goals. This is what really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and go after the life of my dreams.

Building my body taught me that if I have a goal, and I’m willing to work for it, I can have it. This develops the unshakable self-belief that will be your greatest asset to staying motivated and going after what you want in life with absolute conviction.

Again, whatever you truly want out of life, always remember you can go after it!

Take these tips and apply them to what you’re most passionate about. Absorb all the information, learn, and most importantly, don’t forget to invest in yourself.”

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