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ShredSmart Review 2017 – New Changes

Christian Pinedo


As you may already know, I’ve made two reviews of this program since it’s birth, back in mid 2016.

Since then, there have been some changes to the program, hence this new review post.

Watch my video below to get more details on the changes that Radu has implemented since then.

ShredSmart Program

Despite the changes made in version 2 of ShredSmart, the verdict remains the same:

ShredSmart is Awesome

The way Radu approaches dieting is genius.

His intermittent fasting protocol and sample meal plans that come with ShredSmart are very helpful and make losing weight easy.

The workouts are tough (beginner workouts included) and I have seen great results with them.

If you know our subscribe to any of Radu Antoniu’s YouTube channel, then you know how much detail he puts into his work.

His last chapter, “THINK” is one of the most useful chapters that I’ve seen in any fitness program. Many people gloss over the THINK part of dieting, when it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF IT ALL.

Do yourself a favor and buy ​ShredSmart.

You won’t be disappointed.

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