Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar Review 2021 – Elite Version

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The Elite version of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Pull Up bar arrived at my house the other day, and in this article, I want to go over my thoughts on it.

It’s a portable, heavy duty, doorway pull up bar at its core; however, it claims to have other functions as well.

What caught my eye was that the bar has a patented design for its rubber pads that protect the door frame, which brings me to my first point.

Why I Bought The Perfect Multi Gym Pull Up Bar In The First Place

I’ve had many doorway pull-up bars over the years.

The first one I bought looked just like this:

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These worked great and it was pretty cheap. However, after a few pull-ups, you’d notice black smudges on your door.


Then, I bought one with pads to protect the door.

In fact, it was the “pro” mid-tier version of this pull-up bar I’m reviewing in this article.

It worked, and it was sturdy.

However, the pads that protect the door were poorly designed.

They were glued on, so they came apart after a while.

Perfect multi gym
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Perfect multi gym 1
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This is the old pull-up bar I used to have. It’s from the same company, but its the mid-tier “pro” model. In this article I’m going over the “Elite” model.

This was NOT going to cut it. I didn’t want to ruin my doors.

So I bought the Elite Version.

perfect multi-gym doorway pull-up bar
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Which has rubber (NOT GLUED ON) pads to protect your beautiful door frames.

Here’s a closer look at the pads:

perfect fitness multi gym doorway pull up bar elite
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Very, very nice.

Besides the pads being AMAZING, there are other features that I love about this thing.

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Elite Features

1. Multiple Grip Widths For Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced Individuals.

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The perfect fitness pull up bar comes with multiple grip widths for multiple fitness levels.

There’s the close grip width for chin-ups. This would be the beginner level.

Then you can do normal, just outside of shoulder-width, over-hand grip pull-ups. These would be the intermediate level.

Then you can do the harder variation – very wide, neutral grip pull-up. These would be the hardest variation you can do with this pull up bar.

Technically, you could do weighted pull-ups, since there’s a 300lb weight limit but, I wouldn’t recommend it.

2. Easy Assembly – NO TOOLS REQUIRED

Luckily, the guys over at Perfect Fitness give you everything you need to assemble the pull-up bar.

Make sure you read the directions carefully. I had to de-assemble the bar twice because I didn’t put it together correctly.

Directions are clear, I just was lazy 😀

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3. Build Quality – Safety Clip

The build quality is top of the line.

I already showed you how well-built the rubber pads are. 

Safe to say that the rest of the bar is similarly well-built.

Everything feels solid and sturdy. No wobbling. 

There’s a bit a flex when you do pull-ups, but that is to be expected.

It also comes with a safety clip that you can put on the door so it doesn’t come off by accident:

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4. Other Functions Besides Pull-Ups

When its not hanging on the top of your door, the pull-up bar can be turned on its head and turned into a push-up station (more on dips in a second), like this:

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The description says you can do dips, but… that brings me to what I don’t like:

What I Don’t Like:

The range of motion for dips is horrible.

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I even put my feet under my butt so I can get a little more depth, but it still wasn’t enough.

I wouldn’t use this for dips. Use a chair or a bench instead.

Besides, the main reason you’re probably buying this is for the pull-up function. 

It passes that test, with flying colors.

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Final Verdict

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro – The Elite Version



Incredible build quality. The rubber pads alone are worth the price. Everything about it has a premium feeling.



This does have a bit of a premium price because it is the “elite” version, however, I think its worth it after our testing.


Our Rating

Because its incredibly well-built I give it 4.5/5. If you don’t want to ruin your door, get this pull-up bar. Although you can’t do good dips with it, you can still do what its meant to do, and that’s pull-ups.


  • angle-double-rightIncredible Build Quality -Red Rubber Pads Protect your door
  • angle-double-rightMultiple Grip-Widths
  • angle-double-rightWhen you’re doing pull-ups, it feels sturdy.


  • angle-double-rightCan’t do dips with a great range of motion.
  • angle-double-rightA bit pricier compared to other pull-up bars

If you’d rather watch my review on YouTube, you can do so here:

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