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Beginner Morning Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Christian Pinedo


In This Quick Article, I Want To Share With You Beginner Yoga Poses For Back Pain.

Bottom line, back pain sucks.

There’s nothing worse than waking up with back pain.

It just demoralizes your day and makes you feel all sluggish.

I want to help you relieve this discomfort.

Of course, I am no stranger to this type of pain.

I played football for over eight years, and you can bet that the morning after was hell.

I wish I knew more about yoga and its amazing benefits then, for relieving not only pain but stress as well.

There are new studies that show that practicing yoga is another alternative to pain medication, especially if you do the right poses which I am about to show you.

Yoga Poses For Back Pain

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For the following [6] poses, hold them each for 15-30 seconds.

I recommend doing this whole routine every morning when you wake up 🙂


Whenever you feel back pain starting to occur due to sitting for long periods of time, etc.

(I’ve included videos for each pose)

1. Cat Pose

On this pose, make sure to look inside at your stomach and cave the belly inwards, so your mid-to-low back is pointing to the sky.

2. Cow Pose

Refer to the video above^

Make sure to keep your wrists under your shoulders on this one and try and point your belly button to the floor.

3. Cobra Pose

The difference between the cobra and the upward facing dog is that the hands are a little further up with the cobra pose, whereas with the upward facing dog pose, the hands are right at the nipple line.

4. Upward Facing Dog

5. Half Bridge

6. Wheel or Bridge Pose

The full bridge pose is very tough.

However, it feels amazing.

Just be careful with performing it!

That’s it.

This small routine is all I really do for my poses for back pain.

I try to do this every morning, regardless of the back pain and I feel incredible afterward.

How This Golfer Fixed His Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, I think you’ll find this golfer’s story inspiring…

“I’m a golfer. About 25 years ago, I felt a sharp and severe pain in my lower back.

After an MRI, the problem was diagnosed as a herniated disc between the L5 and L6 vertebrae.

I was told this was a very common spot for this to happen. And that medication, some rest and possibly some physical therapy would help.

The conservative orthopedic surgeon was hesitant to operate, citing my level of pain and my ability to still get around.

The medication did help. And despite occasional flare-ups all was well. Until about 10 years ago, when I felt intense pain while doing strenuous work.

This time the MRI showed that the disc was “obliterated” and there was nerve impingement between the vertebrae. (The doctor’s words, not mine.)

The initial sharp pain subsided.

But I was left with a lower back which I had to be extremely careful with.

My sleep was disrupted. I had to give up most strenuous physical activity. My yard work was limited to what little I could do.

On several occasions, I had to miss work because of back pain.

At times the pain was so bad, I was unable to get out of the chair or get out of bed.  It made it very difficult to do routine, daily things.

I went to a physical therapist for 6-12 weeks. That didn’t seem to help much.

Worst of all, I had to give up golf.

Now it’s understood when you play golf for a long time, many golfers develop conditions in the back.

Whether it’s in the muscles, or whether it’s a joint pain, arthritis in the spine or something like that.

The game also involves a lot of twisting, a lot of torque in the torso. Of course, your power doesn’t come from the arms, it comes with the larger muscles in the torso and legs.

Unfortunately, I could no longer make that turn necessary to make decent golf swing.

It simply it was too painful to continue to try to play.

No lifting, no golf, poor sleep and even standing for more than 20 minutes was painful.

Cortisone injections and oral medication helped, but that is powerful stuff. And it has dangerous side effects and can be used only to a limited extent.

Then back in 2008, I met Ian Hart. On a whim, I showed him my doctor’s report and MRI. He put me on his program right away.

To my surprise, I felt improvement in just a few weeks. I have continued with this program for 4 years and it has continued to improve.

Has my back pain totally gone?

No and it probably never will. That said, the improvement has been significant and my quality of life has greatly improved.

Today, I am able to play golf again. At least twice a week.

My game has come back and I am enjoying it much more than I ever have.

I’m able to drive the ball further than I did 20 years ago. And strike the ball probably better than I ever have.

Regardless of whether you have back pain or not, I think Ian’s program would help anybody’s lifestyle.

I golf, play tennis, garden and even remodel homes. And best of all, I now sleep much better.

In addition to my back improvement, I am now much stronger.

My doctor even commented that my lifestyle is keeping me healthy and that I’m in much better shape than most 66 year olds.

Thank you, Ian!”

– Jay Burner Beaufort, SC

How did Ian help Jay? Or maybe more aptly, how did Jay help himself?

Incredibly, he did 8 specific movements…

These 8 movements are totally unlike “the sheets” of exercises you get from chiropractors or doctors.

Instead, they “wake up” certain muscles and restore muscle balance.

That’s key.

Then in certain areas of his back, Ian’s movements jump-started pathways so vital oxygen and nutrition could get in and help him heal.

That’s the holistic way to relieve and remove back pain.

In Jay’s case, it took just a few weeks. And that’s not uncommon.

Just a few weeks and he was feeling tremendous relief. Able to drive the ball farther than he has in decades.

Yes, there ARE ways to get out of pain.

They don’t require medication, surgery or injections. They don’t require months of physiotherapy.

You just have to restore your body’s natural functional movement and muscle balance and allow it to heal naturally.

To find out more, watch Ian’s free video.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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