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How to Show Off Your Manly Thighs With These Best Shorts For Men

Christian Pinedo


It’s that time of year now when you stow your jeans away and bring out the shorts.

For the hot months of summer, shorts are definitely a Men’s Summer essential piece.

But, not just any pair of shorts will do.

You see, a couple of years back, my style game was a straight 4/10.

I had the same pair of cargo shorts in 3 different colors: grey, black, and tan.

They fell way below the knee and made me look short and “stalky.”  Definitely NOT what I was going for!

Yes, I was that guy who had the same clothing item in multiple colors.

That is a big style mistake and I don’t want you to do the same!

That’s why, in this quick article, I want to share with you, my favorite brand of shorts for men for the summertime.

What Makes a Great Pair of Shorts?

Here’s what makes shorts NOT so great:

  • If they’re made of a heavy fabric.
  • If they’re baggy or too wide.
  • If they’re too long (more on this in a second).
  • If they’re not comfortable (too tight).
  • If they’re not stretch material.

Let’s go over a few of these briefly.

What’s considered the right length for shorts on men?

There’s definitely a “too long” rule as well as a “too short” rule for casual shorts.

I have a different opinion on swim trunks, but this post is about casual shorts.

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The shorts on the man to the far right are way too long.

They go past the knee cap and have pockets at the end (they represent your basic cargo shorts).

The man in the middle has the “perfect” length.

It’s about 1-1.5 inches above the knee cap.

The shorts on the man on the far left are probably a bit too short.

Some men can pull it off but I like to keep the shorter length for swim trunks.

What about the fit on shorts?

This is a very important feature that makes shorts GREAT.

Some shorts will come way too tight around the thighs and every time you sit down, you’ll feel uncomfortable.

Some will come way too loose through the leg and you’ll look a lot wider than you would like in a bad way:

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These types of shorts make your legs look tiny.

Instead, you should have nice fitted shorts that are also comfortable like these pairs from Chubbies:

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Image Via Chubbies.com | The Khakinators

The shorts from Chubbies include all the best features that great shorts should have.

It’s why I’ve called them:

The Best Shorts For Men

Here’s why I believe that the casual shorts collection from “Chubbies” are the best for men.

  • They have incredible stretch material.
  • They fit just right around the leg. Not too slim and not too baggy.
  • You can dress them up with a nice button-up.
  • You can dress them down with a nice t-shirt.
  • They’re incredibly versatile.

I have completely fallen in love with Chubbies Shorts.

They’re not the cheapest on the market, but what you’re paying for in terms of quality, fit, and comfort is incredible.

Their unique designs and comfortable fit makes it a must-have for every man’s wardrobe.

I’ve bought a lot of pairs of chubbies and as a result, my bank account has taken a huge hit.

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Here are a couple more reasons on why chubbies have the best casual shorts for men

They Stretch… A Lot

Chubbies offer two types of stretch shorts that come in many lengths.

I prefer the 7″ ones. 

There’s the gym “sport” shorts and their casual shorts.

The first pair I bought was their gym shorts, or what Chubbies refers to them as: “The Hybrid Swim/Gyms.”

They’re called the Stonehenges.

Here’s a quick description of them:

4-way stretch, water-resistant shorts built for the gym and the pool/beach/lake with a 7″ inseam.   

– Chubbies.com

They’re super comfy and they stretch A LOT.

Here’s how they look:

Stonehenges Stretch Shorts
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Image Via Chubbies.com | The Stonehenges

Their casual shorts have a different, yet just as stretchy, material as well.

Chubbies Are Great For Showing Off Your Leg Gains

So you’ve been working out your legs.

Hittin’ them squats & deadlifts.

Your quads look “sumthin fierce,” yet, you hide them under jeans and cargo shorts.

That’s a shame.

Your quads deserve better.

Your quads deserve some sunshine.

Your quads deserve… the All Nights 5.5

Chubbies Black Short Shorts
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I went a bit shorter this time around, but I think it shows off the thighs nicely.

If you want, opt for the 7″ instead.

Not only do they fit exceptionally well, but they also have an elastic waistband.

Whether you’re leaned up for summer, or you’re ready to go on a bulk, these shorts will work around your waist.

Sale Packs and Free Shipping

Once you buy one pair, you’re going to want to buy 100 more.

Well, when you do go back to their website, make sure you hit up their “Sale Packs” page.

You get more shorts for less money this way and some of their best shorts are in included in these packs!

They also offer free shipping on all orders over $35.

Sweet stuff.

Another thing to look out for is the incredible bonuses they offer if you buy over a certain amount of Chubbies clothing.

For example, when I bought my swim trunks and tank tops (yes they offer tank tops), I was offered a FREE Chubbies hat just because I spent over $100.

chubbies hat
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My most recent order was also over $99 and they gave me free Chubbies Socks 🙂

So be on the lookout.

Some Runner-Ups of The Best Shorts For Men

I’d be lying if I said Chubbies were the only short brand that I buy from.

I’d say 90% of my shorts are Chubbies now.

However, I usually have some luck with H&M.

These are NOT, I repeat, NOT anywhere near the same quality as Chubbies.

It’s not even a debate.

However, for $15-$20, I’ll take it. 

They’re “sweats” material and are pretty short.

I have two pairs.

A black pair and a light blue pair.

The light blue pair is shown below:

best gym shorts for men
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When you realize you’re not wearing Chubbies.

Both are also great for the gym.

Until my bank account allows me to replace these with Chubbies Sweat Shorts, these will have to do.

So, what do you think?

Are these an absolute YES for you?

What are your favorite Chubbies Designs?

Comment below and let me know!

– Christian “Chubbies” Pinedo

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3 thoughts on “How to Show Off Your Manly Thighs With These Best Shorts For Men”

  1. Have to disagree, “Chubbies” look dumpy, like you are trying to make the shorts as invisible as possible, while also making your body invisible. If I follow your advice, I would become a wall flower with no particular sense. You start the article saying you were a 4/10 in fashion, but with Chubbies, you lose 3 points. You retain 1/10 for being able to actually wear clothes, but you probably need to leave fashion to someone else.

  2. I like my chubbies. I got them specifically to allow some more leg visibility. This goes against the whole one inch above kneecap deemed as the perfect fit. Same goes with the photos posted here. It depends on styling and leg type i think.


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