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The Best Fat Loss Supplements For Men

Christian Pinedo


If you’re looking to lose fat fast with supplements, then you should buy a supplement stack. Read this quick article to See Why this Stack is the best supplement stack for fat loss.

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I’ve never been a huge fan of supplements.

I never did like the idea of just putting weird, unpronounceable ingredients into my body and hoping for the best.

However, once I figured out what ingredients promote great benefits and what ingredients don’t promote much of anything, I knew how to spot the difference between a great supplement company and a supplement company who’s just out to get your money.

I’ve bought supplements from both types of companies, and you can tell the difference in quality. More on this later.

There are fat loss supplements, muscle building supplements, detox supplements, etc. Any goal that is related to fitness, there’s probably a supplement for it.

Well, in this article, I want to cover fat loss supplements.

Specifically, a supplement stack for fat loss. 

Before that, however, I want to point out one quick note on supplements.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to make their wallets a bit thicker.

I know how it looks. An article on the best fat loss supplement stack is telling you that you don’t need supplements.

Yes, you can perfectly lose weight, burn fat, and gain muscle without ever touching supplements.

However, the right supplements speed UP the process of fat loss, recovery, muscle gain, etc.

With that said, I wouldn’t recommend any supplements unless I’ve tried them myself.

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Above is the fat loss stack I use (the first 3 from the left) and the Nootropic I use from the same company: Legion Athletics.

Legion is one of the few supplement companies that I trust for a few reasons:

1. Mike Matthews, the creator (pictured below), a bestselling health and fitness author and the co-founder of the two popular (and my personal favorite) fitness blogs: MuscleForLife.com and LegionAthletics.com

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2. Mike Matthews HATES the exaggeration and lies of the supplement industry, which is why he created his own supplement company.

3. Legion has a Scientific Advisory Board that “guides the scientific direction of Legion.”

4. All Supplements from Legion have NO:– Proprietary Blends- Artificial Sweetners- Food Dyes- Unnecessary Chemical Junk or Fillers

5. Full Refunds, No Questions Asked. If you don’t love the supplements, you can get a full refund, without even having to return the supplement. Seriously.

6. The reviews are amazing.

Best Fat Loss Supplement Stack Reviews

It’s safe to say that legion supplements are some of the best on the market and the reviews back it up.

The Best Supplement Stack For Fat Loss:

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This stack is especially useful for those who’re stuck in their current cutting phase or those who want a fast and aggressive approach to their cutting phase.

You get three types of supplements in this stack:1. Fat Burner (Phoenix) 2. Fat Burner for Fasted Training (Forge)3. Pre-Workout (Pulse)

Let’s go over each supplement in the stack.

1. Phoenix: Fat Burner

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“PHOENIX’s caffeine-free formulation helps you lose fat faster in three different ways: it dramatically increases metabolic speed, it amplifies the power of fat-burning chemicals produced by your body, and it reduces appetite.

– Legion

This fat burner is excellent on its own for speeding up your fat loss.

I love the appetite suppressing qualities of Phoenix (great for intermittent fasting).

It also helps if you have cravings. 

If you were to buy only one supplement for fat loss, it would have to be Phoenix.

However, Phoenix combined with the following supplements is what gives you an edge and what makes this supplement stack perfect for fat loss.

2. Forge: Pre-Workout Fat Burner

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“FORGE helps you lose fat—and “stubborn” fat in particular—faster, preserve muscle, and maintain training intensity and mental sharpness.”

– Legion

This fat burner is specifically for fasted training.

Yes, fasted training is excellent for burning stubborn fat.

However, the only problem is that the potential to lose muscle increases.

A caloric deficit + fasted training is the fastest way to burn a lot of muscle.

That’s where Forge comes in.

“FORGE contains a clinically effective dosage of HMB.[1]

HMB counteracts these negative effects and helps you preserve your muscle while training in a fasted state.

1 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12750588

– Legion

If you want to lose fat faster, then fasted training is the way to go.

Make sure you use Forge to preserve muscle while doing this and you’ll see results faster.

Legion also says Forge works best when taken with caffeine as its “fat loss benefits are magnified [when you combine it with caffeine].”

3. Pulse: Pre-Workout

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“It contains clinically effective dosages of 6 natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to enhance energy levels and mood, increase focus, and improve physical performance. The research is crystal clear: PULSE will help you train harder and longer.”

– Legion

To put it simply, Pulse pre-workout is incredible.

It’s the highest-rated supplement on their website.

It can work for either fasted or fed training and will give you an edge in your lifting.

You want to have an edge, especially when training fasted if you haven’t before because you won’t have as much energy as you would when training in a fed state.

Fasted training may cause you to lose a rep or 2 in your lifts for the first couple of training sessions, however, with Pulse, it can help you get the energy to lift as you would in a fed state where you have carbs fueling your workout.

How to Use this Stack

Here’s how I use this stack:

  • I skip breakfast and fast for the 4-6 hours upon waking up (this is known as intermittent fasting).
  • 15 minutes before my workout (fasted), I’ take 1 serving of Forge, 1/2 Serving of Phoenix, and 1 serving of Pulse.
  • When I get home, I’ll take the other 1/2 serving of Phoenix with my first meal of the day.

Here’s a picture showing this from the Legion Website:

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If you want to speed up your fat loss cut, get this fat loss stack.

Again, this is no B.S. and I don’t recommend any products that I have not tried myself.

I truly believe in this supplement company.



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