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10 Best Pre-Workout For Crossfitters

Christian Pinedo


All fitness fanatics know the importance of a great pre workout supplement. Getting the right pre workout for you and your needs can really make or break your routine. They can boost your strength, capacity for exercise, and endurance.

What’s more, if you don’t get the right one you risk running out of energy and not seeing the results you want as quickly as you want them. This is especially vital with something as strenuous on the body as Crossfit. And that’s before we even mention how gross some can taste!

With all the choices out there it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs. Luckily for you, that’s where we come in. We have handpicked 10 of the best pre workouts for crossfitters to help you find the perfect potion for your needs.

BEST Overall
Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement
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  • No Chemical Junk
  • Made in USA
  • Lab Tested by Labdoor for Purity
  • "No Return Necessary" Money Back Guarantee (Legion Site Only)
Just As Good!
Pre JYM Pre Workout Powder
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  • Naturally Sweetened
  • Great taste
  • Enhanced strength & endurance
  • Mental focus
Still Good
C4 Ripped Sport Pre Workout Powder
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  • Formulated with CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine
  • America's #1 Selling Pre-Workout Brand has been trusted since 2011

Top 10 Best Pre-Workouts For Crossfitters

With all the choices out there it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs. Luckily for you, that’s where we come in.

We have handpicked 10 of the best pre workouts for crossfitters to help you find the perfect potion for your needs.

#1 Legion Pulse

BEST Overall
9.5/10Our Score

Pulse is a naturally sweetened and flavored pre workout supplement that contains large and effective doses of the best science-backed ingredients, including those found in many nitric oxide supplements: L citrulline malate, betaine, beta alanine, alpha gpc, caffeine, and L theanine.

This raved-about pre workout from Legion just had to feature at the top of our list. From the flavor to the effects, this miracle powder has it all.

It has all-natural ingredients that have been proven to boost energy, motivate you, build strength, and up your endurance. It comes in three different flavors and is also available as a caffeine-free version for those who avoid the stuff! 

The ingredients all work to boost your nitric oxide, in turn helping to boost gains and improve pumps. The pre workout is in powder form so you can easily dissolve it on the go ready to smash your workout!

It also does all this with the promise of no jitters, no upset stomach, and no post workout crash. Sounds like a win-win, right?


  • Energy boosting to ensure that you don’t crash post workout or even worse – mid workout 
  • Tastes great to ensure you are not put off from drinking it
  • Perfectly balanced to give you enough energy to boost pumps but without the jitters 
  • Packed full of all the nutrients you need to boost endurance such as BCAA


  • It doesn’t give the best hydration and can actually leave you feeling dry-mouthed so ensure you drink plenty of water too 

#2 C4 Ripped Sport Pre Workout Powder

Still Good

America's #1 Selling Pre-Workout Brand has been trusted since 2011 with over 2 billion servings sold* Perform your best - whether it’s on the field, on the track, or in the gym

This cult-favorite pre workout powder by C4 is a fantastic option for serious sportspeople and Crossfit fanatics.

It contains metabolism boosting and fat burning ingredients such as CLA and Dyglofit to encourage your body to use your fat stores as energy, thus creating a leaner physique. 

The powder is for both men and women and helps to boost endurance and performance. It gives intense results but without any nasty side effects.

People who have taken a pre workout before may be all too familiar with the feeling that your heart is going to burst through your chest – well, not with this one! It is mild in comparison and will not overwhelm you, allowing you to focus on the workout and building those gains! 


  • A fantastic boost of energy to ensure fatigue doesn’t hit you mid workout 
  • Helps to cut fat as well as allow muscle gains 
  • Great tasting flavors in two options (fruit punch and arctic snow cone) to make it easier to swallow 
  • Performance boosting formula to push you to your limits and increase capacity for exercise 


  • Chalky texture which may put off some users

#3 Pre JYM Pre Workout Powder

Just As Good!

Pre JYM preworkout powder contains the best ingredients to optimize your workout. It has BCCAA's and creatine for muscle growth, citrulline malate and caffeine for endurance, plus beta-alanine and betaine for strength.

This pre workout powder from Pre JYM is the ideal pre workout for anyone looking for more endurance and power in their workouts.

The powder comes in a number of different flavors to suit all tastes and preferences. It is packed full of BCAAs, making it the perfect companion to any Crossfit workout,

For an extra energy boost, there is both caffeine and citrulline malate, and creatine for those of you who need some boosted endurance.

As if that wasn’t enough, you get all of these wonderful benefits without the scary side effects that can often come hand in hand with pre workout such as jitters, shakes, and tingling. 


  • Contains creatine to fuel your muscles and improve stamina, meaning you can push yourself further than ever before
  • Caffeine gives you the energy boost needed for an intense Crossfit session to ensure you don’t get fatigued 
  • The flavors taste natural and make the powder easier to drink 
  • Enhances muscle pumps thanks to citrulline malate 


  • No electrolytes or hydration boosters to combat dehydration

#4 Genius Pre Workout Powder

Genius Pre is the World’s 1st Clinically Dosed Nootropics Based Pre Workout; Your physical capabilities are guaranteed to expand when your brain is engaged with the proper (all-natural) nutrients & your muscles are stimulated by scientifically proven ingredients

Genius Pre is an innovative pre workout powder (that also works well for runners) that has been formulated without .

Instead, this blend uses natural stimulants such as taurine to get the same effects. Boost your strength, endurance, as well as your mental focus with this sour apple flavor powder. 

It is suitable for both men and women and provides an excellent natural alternative to some of the other high caffeine products out there. This makes it a great choice for those who cannot tolerate caffeine and its effects. 

As if that wasn’t enough, it has also been formulated without sugar (they use stevia instead!), and no animal derived products, making it the perfect choice for vegans or those trying to cut their sugar intake down. 


  • Contains L citrulline malate to help boost your nitric oxide and allow for better endurance 
  • Beta alanine and ATP ensures that you can easily achieve muscle pump mode 
  • Huperzine and taurine help boost your mental energy and stop you from feeling fatigued 
  • Suitable for vegans and those who prefer a natural product thanks to its vegan friendly formulation and natural sugar substitute 


  • People who have previously been used to a pre workout with caffeine may struggle to feel the effects of this one as it contains zero caffeine

#5 C4 ORIGINAL Pre Workout Powder

Formulated with a super creatine compound to support strength and performance. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or you're striving for a new goal, C4 will help unlock your full potential.

We have already shown you one of C4s best products, but we couldn’t not talk about this! C4 original is the tried and tested pre workout from this brand. We can see why this is so popular with just a quick glance at some of the benefits it promises.

It is suitable for both men and women and can help to increase endurance, strength, capacity for workouts, and focus. What we love most is the fact that it can actually noticeably improve how many reps you can handle! 

As well as all the usual pre workout essentials such as caffeine, Creatine, and Beta alanine, this powder also includes vitamin C, that essential vitamin that we need to build up our immune systems. It is also sugar free, so suitable for those who are cutting down their sugar intake. 


  • The addition of creatine and arginine helps to promote better muscle pumps 
  • There is a mild but potent level of caffeine along with a compound that ensures you will be energized but will not build up a tolerance to the caffeine, ensuring results for longer 
  • Beta alanine helps to fight fatigue and promotes all round better performance 
  • A great choice of flavors so you won’t be stuck with something gross that will make you feel sick 


  • The texture is thick and chalky which means it takes a while to dissolve

#6 Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout

Intense Pre-Workout Powder for Increased Energy, Power, & Focus (Pikatropin-Free)

Evolution’s Nutrition ENGN is the perfect companion for those super intense Crossfit workouts.

Not only is it great as an overall energy boost, but it actually has performance enhancing elements so that you can make the most of those training sessions and push your body further than you thought possible.

It is suitable for both men and women and helps to boost mood, promote better cognitive function, allow for better muscle endurance, and to reduce feelings of fatigue.

It is also free of calories, sugar, and carbs, so you get excellent results without ruining your nutrition plan for the day – after all, we all know how important those meals are on a training day! 


  • Two different types of caffeine that give two different stages of energy release for maximum motivation and capability without fatigue 
  • It contains creatine and betaine which both help to support muscle endurance and increase strength, especially during pumps 
  • Essential amino acids to ensure that you remain focussed and that your muscles can work through the challenge 
  • Four fruity flavors to choose from so drinking it before each workout doesn’t need to be a task 


  • Prone to clumping in the container

#7 Genius Bcaa Powder with Focus & Energy

This all natural drink covers everything, focus & energy boosters make it a great preworkout for women and men! Fermented Vegan BCAAs make for healthy muscle recovery.

Yet another name that has appeared twice on the list is The Genius Brand. This time we want to give an honorable mention to their excellent BCAA. This is a vegan formula that is packed full of essential BCAAs.

These are fantastic for crossfitters as they contain compounds that prevent catabolism (when your body uses muscle tissue for energy). This means that your hard earned gains will be protected and you will see better fat loss. 

It also contains taurine among other energy boosting substances to ensure that you are alert and focus throughout your workout. This is a great choice for pre workout, but it is actually suitable for during and after the workout if you prefer. 


  • Promotes lean muscle and fat loss to help you look ripped 
  • BCAAs promote healthy muscle recovery and ensure you have less fatigue so you can work out more often and for longer 
  • Rhodiola Rosea and cognizin citicoline help to reduce stress and keep you focussed during the workout for better agility and endurance 


  • There is only one flavor (orange) and the taste is not great which may make it difficult for some people to drink

#8 Honey Badger Vegan Keto Pre Workout

Non-Habit Forming, 100% Vegan, Natural, and Non-GMO synergistic blend of amino acids, nootropics, vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

The Honey Badger Pre Workout is suitable for a variety of different dietary needs!

After all, why should you miss out on an excellent pre workout supplement just because you have different dietary requirements from everyone else? It is vegan, keto, paleo, and free of sugar, gluten, soy, and sucralose. 

Whilst it is excellent for a pre workout boost, it can also be used during or after your workout if you prefer. It has natural amino acids for an energy boost, citrulline malate for endurance and strength, and of course, caffeine (from a natural source) to get you through those intense sessions. 


  • Caffeine and citrulline allow for the best levels of energy and endurance for working on getting those better pumps
  • The citrulline helps boost your nitric oxide levels to promote better circulation 
  • Packed full of healthy electrolytes to keep you hydrated and alert 
  • Good choice of flavors to suit all preferences 


  • It clumps easily in the packaging making it harder to dissolve

#9 Naked Energy – All Natural Pre Workout Powder

Naked Energy is a vegan pre workout powder manufactured in the USA with 10 High-Quality ingredients using natural amino acids, vitamins and caffeine from unroasted coffee beans.

This all natural vegan powdered pre workout by Naked Energy is great for getting the results you want from your workout. First and foremost this is an energy enhancer, packed full of all the essentials you need to power through an intense workout.

It does also contain some of the ingredients needed for strength and endurance, such as creatine and beta alanine, but these are in smaller amounts. Choose this supplement if you are looking for an energy boost above all else and you will not be disappointed. 


  • Packed full of essential vitamins such as C, B3, B6, and B12 for extra energy and an immune system boost 
  • Vegan friendly and all natural to suit all dietary needs 
  • Unbeatable levels of energy thanks to the natural caffeine from unroasted coffee beans
  • The taste is good, ensuring you are not put off drinking it due to a gross taste 


  • Not much in terms of performance enhancing ingredients for pumps and strength

#10 Dymatize PreW.O. Pre Workout Powder with Caffeine

PreW.O. is a pre-workout for women and men that packs explosive ingredients to help you dominate your workouts. Take your training to the next level with intense powerhouse ingredients like CarnoSyn, BetaPower, Nitrosigine, and TeaCrine.

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Dymatize PreW.O. Powder with Caffeine. The ‘with caffeine’ is specified because this contains a whopping 300mg of caffeine per scoop.

It is definitely not one for the faint of heart! As such, this supplement has energy at its center, and whilst it is also great for strength and endurance, energy is the name of the game, for sure! 

It is sugar free to protect those gains and promote fat loss as well as containing one gram of carbs or less in each serving! This supplement is great for those athletes who want to take their training to the next level and make every workout count. 


  • Citrulline and arginine help to increase pumps and build up to more intense workouts 
  • A whole 300mg of caffeine in every single scoop to reduce fatigue and keep you well energized 
  • Tyrosine and TeaCrine help to improve endurance so you can crush those goals 
  • Lots of delicious flavors to choose from that are flavored with natural sweetener from sucralose 


  • The product is quite grainy and prone to clumping which makes it difficult to dissolve and hard to scoop 

Buyer’s Guide

Form of pre workout

The first thing to consider when you want to get a pre workout supplement is the form in which you want to take it.

Pre-workouts are available in the form of pills, capsules, sachets, powders, and ready-made drinks. There is no right or wrong choice and the best option will be the one that suits your needs best.

Of course, some are a little easier to come by than others. Powders are by far the most common, and therefore, are the most popular with crossfitters.

However, if powders do not suit you then there is no reason why you cannot try a capsule or other form of pre workout.


BCAAs (or Branched Chain Amino Acids, if you want to get technical) is a vital inclusion in all pre workouts. These little amino acids are found in many foods such as meat, seeds, and other types of food sources.

Sadly, our bodies do not make them, and so we need them from these other sources. Of course, if you eat a diet that is rich in these BCAAs, then you will not need as many of them from a pre workout.

However, we acknowledge that some people struggle to get these amino acids due to dietary requirements that may prevent them from accessing BCAAs easily.

BCAAs help to build lean muscle (which is something all crossfitters surely desire), as well as helping to prevent catabolism. Catabolism is where your body uses muscle tissue to gain energy, rather than energy from food or fat stores. This can actually make you lose muscle, which of course, any crossfitter will want to avoid.

BCAAs are certainly a vital addition to your pre workout, so consider purchasing one that includes them!


One of the key tasks of a pre workout supplement is to provide energy. Anyone who has ever taken part in Crossfit exercise will know that that stuff just burns energy.

As an activity, it is very strenuous on your body, and if you do not have a diet with particularly good sources of energy, the exercise can quickly tire you out.

Having a pre workout should give you all the energy you need to get the workout you want, and should provide you with a good enough energy store so that you do not feel as though you could keel over as soon as you have finished.

Of course, tiredness from any exercise is to be expected, but a good pre workout with good amounts of energy will ensure that you are adequately motivated, energized and healthy to complete such strenuous activity.

This will ensure you are left with normal levels of tiredness after exercise, as you will have burned the energy from the pre workout up first, rather than totally depleting your own energy store.


Something that is super important in any workout (not just for your crossfitters) is that you are adequately hydrated.

By this, we mean that you should have enough hydration before, during, and after your workout. Choosing a pre workout that has hydrating elements in there will aid this. Of course, it is not a replacement for water, but it certainly helps you. 

When you exercise, your body gets warm. When you get warm, you sweat. This is your body’s way of cooling you down so you remain at safe temperature levels. However, sweat, especially when you are sweating excessively during vigorous exercise can very quickly deplete your water levels in your body. 

These water levels need to be replenished throughout exercise, or else you risk total dehydration which can include symptoms such as lightheadedness, blurry vision, collapse, exhaustion, and much worse. 

Avoid this by ensuring you stay on top of your hydration levels, through both H20 and your pre workout. Ensure your pre workout contains those all important electrolytes that get depleted when we sweat. You can choose natural electrolytes such as coconut water powder, or choose pre workouts that are enriched with electrolytes.


Perhaps this is less important than the other considerations on the buyers’ guide, but even so, we think that a good tasting pre workout makes all the difference.

After all, if you get one that tastes gross you will either just stop drinking it, or drink it anyway and feel nauseous for the whole workout.

The best way to find a flavor that you like is to try a few different types of pre workout. If you are also a protein shake drinker, you will know just how important it is to get the flavor right. No amount of blending and mixing of your supplements with other flavors can rid you of that gross taste! 

Choose flavors that you enjoy, or else get totally plain powders or pills that you can mix into something else. That way you will be more likely to remember to take it, and less likely to throw up!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre workout good for?

Pre workout is good for providing energy and increasing exercise capacity. As such, it is often used by competitive and professional athletes and fitness pros before they perform a workout.

Simply put, pre workout is designed to let your body work harder, for a longer amount of time. The idea is that they stop fatigue, boost energy levels, and increase your focus.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that it is very popular among participants of Crossfit and other very intense exercises such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, and marathon running. Think of it like a shot of espresso, but one that works your whole body, keeping it energized and hydrated for a long period of time.

Is pre workout good for CrossFit?

Yes! Pre workout can be great for Crossfit exercise as a way of helping you to increase your capacity for exercise. If you are a Crossfit beginner, then there is no real need to use pre workout right away.

Instead, keep it for around 6 months into your Crossfit journey when you want to push yourself that little bit further. It is better suited for professional crossfitters or those who train competitively rather than recreational or inexperienced crossfitters.

A good way to think about it is as a little boost to help your body become capable of more exercise than before. To put it simply, pre workout may be able to help you exercise for that little bit longer or lift a slightly heavier weight than if you didn’t use it.

Should I eat before Crossfit?

If you want to eat before Crossfit there is no reason why you shouldn’t. However, there are some things to bear in mind first. You should eat around 2 hours before you do Crossfit.

By this, we mean that you finish a meal two hours before you undertake any Crossfit or exercise activity. Ensure the meal is nutritious, not too heavy on the stomach, easily digestible, and will provide long term energy. 

The best option is to go for something high in carbohydrates, high in protein, and moderately low in fat. This is because fat takes longer to digest and can leave you feeling sluggish and low in energy. 

A great example is some lean protein such as chicken with wholegrain rice and a small side salad. Avoid foods that are extremely high in fiber like cruciferous veggies and legumes as these can take a while to digest. Another good option is cottage cheese and rice cakes, or nut butter on whole grain toast with a banana.

Do I need to take a pre workout?

No, there is never an instance where you need a pre workout. Your body is capable of at least some form of exercise without the need for a supplement such as pre workout.

However, pre workout is certainly helpful if you are regularly exercising. For example, if you have been exercising for 6 months or so and you feel that you want to try a bigger challenge, pre workout is a safe way to help you increase your workout capacity. 

For this reason, pre workout is an excellent choice for serious crossfitters who are constantly training to improve and compete. However, if you are a recreational crossfitter or do any exercise for the fun of it, of any kind, it is unlikely that you will need a pre workout unless you start to train competitively or professionally.

Does pre workout make you pee a lot?

Pre workouts can make you pee a lot, or at least more often than you are used to due to the high contents of creatine and caffeine that are often found in them.

Whilst these two ingredients can boost your energy, they are also known to be dietetics, which is a fancy name for something that makes you pee!

With this in mind, it is vital that you only take as much pre workout as is specified, and that you follow the instructions for using it carefully. Too much pre workout can actually have negative effects on your body, and whilst they generally aid hydration too much can cause dehydration.


There you have it! We hope you have managed to find the best pre workout for your Crossfit journey from our list of 10 above.

Use our buyers’ guide to determine what benefits you should look for in a pre workout supplement, and above all enjoy!

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