The Best Doorway Pull-Up Bar for Your Home or Apartment


If you’re looking for the best pull-up bar for your home, then you’re probably looking for a doorway pull-up bar.

The best doorway pull up bar for your home should be one that:

  • Doesn’t leave nasty stains on your door
  • Is safe and sturdy
  • Doesn’t require any tools (or very few) to assemble
  • And MOST importantly, look cool. 

I’ve had many doorway pull-up bars and none compare to the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym ELITE Pull-up Bar.

I go over it in my video review which you can watch here:

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Best Pull-Up Bar For Your Home:

If you’re looking for other variations of pull-up bars for your home such as:

  • Wall/Ceiling-mounted Pull-up bars
  • Power-tower (stand-alone) Pull-up bars

I’d consider checking out my FULL post on the Best pull-up bars here.

Anyways, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!


Christian Pinedo


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