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Your Quiz Results PageREAD THIS FIRST:

Based on your quiz results (thank you for taking the quiz by the way!), I’ve figured out exactly what calories you need for weight loss.

In addition to finding your calories, I’ve also made some training videos for you to watch as well:)

This training is specifically tailored to you and YOUR situation.

There’s a lot to go through, but I believe this will best put you on the path to fat loss success, and I want nothing more for you than to reach your Fitness Goal.

If you need to get back to this page, simply bookmark it 🙂 (There’s also an email that I sent to you with the link to this page in case you lose it!)


– Chris


STEP #1. Your Calories (MOST IMPORTANT)


Welcome to the training.

This step is crucial for your fat loss success.

Your fat loss revolves around you getting this right. 

It’s your calories.

Before we get into your specific calories based on your quiz results, I want you to understand this concept further.

The faster you understand this, the faster you will lose fat. 

Mark Haub, a professor from Kansas State University conducted an experiment, famously, on himself.Given his body fat percentage (33%) and 211 pounds, his diet consisted of Protein shakes, some veggies, and Oreo’s, Twinkies, Doritos, etc.He also calculated that he needed to eat 1800 calories per day (aka being in a caloric deficit) to lose weight.Now, the average person would think, OMG how can you eat those things on a diet?

What the average person doesn’t realize is that every weight loss product, no matter what type of “secret” or “hack” they show you, all comes back to calories.

Check out this photo:

Back to Mark…

Mark lost 27 pounds by eating Oreo’s, Twinkies, Doritos, etc. and some protein shakes.

Calories… that’s all it is.

For weight loss, all you need is to drop calories.

However, for fat loss, you need to do more than just drop calories.

That’s what this training is all about.

So, after we find your calories, we will go over your next steps.

Let’s begin:

Based on your quiz results, you’ve got some fat to lose, and you want to lose it at steady pace.

That’s a great place to start.

You shouldn’t have much trouble losing fat with these calories.

Your first step is to multiply your body weight (in lbs.) by 11.5-12.5

Let’s figure out which multiplier you should use.

Determine exactly how much fat to lose.

If you have 10 lbs to lose, choose the higher end (12.5).

If you have 20 lbs to lose, choose the lower end (11.5).

If you’re in between, choose 12.

Whatever number that you come up with, you will want to keep that number. 

Write it down and move on to Step #2.


STEP #2. Your Macros

With whatever calories you calculated from above, you’re going to want to divide those calories into macros (protein, carbs, and fat).

This step is also essential for your fat loss success.

For this example, we will use Tony who weighs 180 lbs and who also took the quiz. 

Based on Tony’s quiz results, he has some fat to lose, and he wants to lose it at a slow/steady pace.

After Tony watched the first video, he realized to get to where he wants, he must multiply his current body weight by 11.5

11.5 x 180 = 2070 total caloriesLet’s figure out how Tony should divide those calories into good macro nutrient ratios to build an awesome physique.

For Tony’s case (losing fat slowly), he would set up his macros like this:

30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat.

Here’s how Tony would find his fat loss macros.

For protein:

2070 x 0.30 = 621 calories from protein

There are 4 calories per gram of protein (same for carbs).


621/ 4 = 155g of protein

For carbs:

2070 x 0.40 = 828 calories from carbs

There are 4 calories per gram of carbs


828 / 4 = 207g of carbs

For fat:

2070 x 0.30 = 621 calories from fat

There are 9 calories per gram of fat

621 / 9 = 69g of fat

This results in (rounded up):

  • 155g protein
  • 210g carbs
  • 59g fat

To figure out how to track these macros, start with the next video.


STEP #3. Setting Up MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is the easiest tool to use to track everything.

You want to use this app for all of your foods that you will be tracking with your food scale.


STEP #4. How To Track Foods Using MyFitnessPal

In this video lesson, my brother shows you how to weigh out your food with an electronic food scale with various different foods.

This is the scale that’s in the video.


Final Note on Macros.

Feel free to change the macronutrient percentages to your liking.

Although they’re set up based on your quiz results and what I think will best help you succeed, if you want more protein, add more protein.

If you want more fat/carbs, add them in. Just make sure to subtract from 1 of the 3 macro percentages.

The most important factor for losing weight is a calorie deficit.

The most important factor for losing fat is how those calories are divided into macros.

So long as you’re in a calorie deficit, and you’re getting decent protein, fat, and carbs, your body will change.


STEP #5. Refeed Day

In this video lesson, I show you why Refeed Days are important and why you need to implement them in your fat loss diet.


Refeed Day Calories

To calculate your calories for your Refeed days, planned or unplanned, do the following:

Whatever calories you calculated from step 1 and 2, add 400-600 calories to it.

100-150g of EXTRA carbs are now at your disposal for your Refeed Days.

You can have all of those extra carbs in one meal.

You can spread it out through all your meals (ex: add 1 extra potato to all your meals).

It’s really up to you.

Note: If you do NOT want to have a Refeed Day during a certain week, due to any reason, you do not have to.

It’s more of a psychological benefit, for me at least, than anything.

If you’re on a roll with your fat loss and don’t want to take a break, DONT.

However, I believe it will help you in the long run.


Step #6. Ask Me Any Questions You Have Through Email or Social Media

Seriously, email me at [email protected] for any other questions you may have.

I do respond as often as possible.

Whether you have questions about the lessons above, or want to debate me on why Lord of the Rings is the best trilogy of all time, just email me at [email protected]

You can also reach me on social media.



If you want a quick reply, message me through social media.




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