social warfare plugin problem

I followed the directions from your email:

  • *** If you are still on version 2.3.5 or lower ***BOTH PLUGINS will need to be deactivated, deleted, and replaced manually – please follow these steps:(1) Go to your Plugins page and Deactivate and then Delete BOTH Social Warfareand Social Warfare – Pro. Don’t worry, you will not lose any data.(2) After deleting, go to Plugins > Add New and search for Social Warfare. You should see version 3.0.5 available.(3) Visit this link to download Social Warfare Pro version 3.0.5: After updating and activating both plugins, clear any caching plugins, Cloudflare, CDNs, Autoptimize, etc. completely.(5) If you use Social Warfare Pro, check the Registration tab to make sure your license is active.”

on how to update your plugin and it got rid of all my shares for all my articles.

The shares still show in my articles, but it also says that there are 0 share​s:

Also, all my other posts say that they have 0 shares also like in the case above:

 All of my posts show 0 shares in the social shares column. 

Why and how can I fix this.

I’ve worked hard for these shares. 

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