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Step 2: Watch the main training on intermittent fasting for fat loss:

Step 3: Watch This To Figure Out How To Calculate & Track Your Macros (bonus training)

I’ve essentially combined 2 guides into 1 in this free training course.

This is my other training course called the ‘Fundamentals of Fat Loss’ that I decided to throw in as a thank you for subscribing 🙂


Part 1: Finding Your TDEE or Maintenance Calories

Part 2: Finding Your Caloric Deficit

Part 3: Finding Your Macros 

With whatever calories you calculated from the video above, you’re going to want to divide those calories into macros (protein, carbs, and fat).

​This step is essential for your fat loss success.For this example, we will use Bob, who weighs 200 pounds and is lightly active.

He needs to eat 2250 calories to lose weight at a safe, yet aggressive pace.Note: This is how we calculated his calories.1. Find maintenance calories (TDEE):200 x 15 = 3000 calories 2. Calculate a 25% caloric deficit based on maintenance calories:3000 *.25 = 7503000 – 750 = 2250 calories

Eating 2250 calories is a 25% caloric deficit for Bob based on his maintenance calories.Let’s figure out how to divide those calories into good macro nutrient ratios to build an awesome physique.First up is protein.To find this, simply multiply your body weight by 1. 200 lb x 1 = 200 g of protein.Easy enough…Now, we will have to subtract these 200 g of protein from your calories.There are 4 calories per gram of protein and for carbohydrates as well.Therefore, do the following:200 x 4 = 800 calories from protein.Subtract this from your caloric deficit.2250 – 800 = 1450 caloriesWe now have 1450 calories left over.We still need to divide these calories into carbs and fat.For fat, we’re going to use 0.25 as our multiplier.200 lb x 0.25 = 50 g of fat.There are 9 calories per gram of fat so now we have to subtract it from our remaining calories again.50 x 9 = 450 calories1450 – 450 = 1000 caloriesThe remaining calories that we have (1000) will come from carbohydrates.1000/ 4 = 250 g of carbohydratesFinally, for this 200 lb male, our macros are:200 g of protein250 g of carbohydrates50 g of fatCalories: 2250 Now that you have your macros, your next step is to download the MyFitnessPal App.

Watch the video below to continue.

Part 4: Setting Up MyFitnessPal

Part 5A: Tracking Foods Using MyFitnessPal

This is the scale I use for tracking my macros. I always get questions about it:

Part 5B: Tracking Foods Using MyFitnessPal

Part 6A: Sample Meal

Part 6B: Sample Meal 2

By no means is this a meal plan, nor, should it be meals that you should copy.

These are just examples of what I eat on a regular basis. 

They keep me satisfied throughout the day, and I do recommend them.

With tracking macros, you can really have anything you’d like so long as it fits your macros.

Step 4: Download ‘the Fundamentals of fat loss’ pDF (Optional)

*Note: Th​e link inside does bring you back to this page for the MyFitnessPal Training Portion.

Step 5: Check Out My Results!

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Step 6: Ask me any questions you have

Seriously, email me at [email protected] for any other questions you may have.

I do respond as often as possible.

I also do work with clients to help them transform their bodies and become former fat boys like myself 🙂

Whether you’re interested in online-coaching for fat loss, have questions about the lessons above, or want to debate me on why Lord of the Rings is the best trilogy of all time, just email me at [email protected]



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