Here Are Your Recommended IIFYM Macros & Calories Based On Your Weight Range:









Because most online calculators are not accurate, I prefer giving a range of calories and macros instead of an exact number. These are still estimates and might require some tweaking.


The numbers on the left are for people who want to gain weight slowly (recommended) and the numbers on the right are for people who want to gain weight a bit faster.

For example, if you want to gain weight slowly, choose:

2970 Calories

180g Protein

340g Carbs

99g Fat

For example, if you want to gain weight faster, choose:

3284 Calories

199g Protein

376g Carbs

109g Fat

Not Sure What Do With These Numbers?

Macro tracking is not a new fad diet. It is a proven method that helps you understand and eat what your body needs.

With that being said, I believe that these programs below would be perfect for your lean bulking needs.

They’re specifically tailored for lean bulking. Check them out below.

The Greek God Program

Perfect for people who want to take it slow and gradually gain muscle without putting on fat.

The Movie Star Body Program

The all-in-one system for melting off fat, building lean muscle, and developing eye-catching definition and aesthetic.