How to Track Macros – Simple Guide


Learning how to track macros may seem difficult, especially for a beginner that doesn’t know anything about IIFYM or macronutrients in general.

Macros, and the math behind them, used to seem like a foreign language. 

There a couple of things you have to account for:

  • Macro splits, 
  • Food scale
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Calculating your calories and macros CORRECTLY
  • How many meals you want to have
  • Etc.

Thankfully, for you, I made a noob-friendly video for you that explains EVERYTHING you need to know about how to track macros, including all the above.

I explain it all in this video.


  • 0:39 Find Your TDEE
  • 1:53 Find Calorie Deficit
  • 3:03 Calories for Overweight/Obese Individuals
  • 7:00 Find Macro Split
  • 8:26 IIFYM Calculator
  • 10:07 Turning Macros Into Meals
  • 11:38 Download MyFitnessPal
  • 12:15 MyFitnessPal Tutorial
  • 13:46 Food Scale Tutorial
  • 15:06 How to Make Sure You lose Weight

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Christian Pinedo

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