How to Track Calories – The Simple Way


Learning how to track calories can be tough.

Especially if you want to be 100% accurate.

This becomes really important when trying to lose weight.

While I don’t recommend ONLY tracking calories (I recommend tracking macros as well), you can see great weight loss results from it. 

However, a lot of people set up their calories INCORRECTLY.

I’ve made a quick video covering how to set them up AND how to start tracking them.

The video starts halfway through the video.

Feel free to watch the whole thing if it interests you 😀


  • 0:39 Find Your TDEE
  • 1:53 Find Calorie Deficit
  • 3:03 Calories for Overweight/Obese Individuals
  • 7:00 Find Macro Split
  • 8:26 IIFYM Calculator
  • 10:07 Turning Macros Into Meals
  • 11:38 Download MyFitnessPal
  • 12:15 MyFitnessPal Tutorial
  • 13:46 Food Scale Tutorial
  • 15:06 How to Make Sure You lose Weight

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Christian Pinedo


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