HIIT Workout With Weights – 20 Minutes (Beginner Friendly)


If you’re looking for a HIIT Workout With Weights, that’s also beginner friendly, then you’re going to want to read this quick article.

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You Shouldn’t Do High-Intensity Interval Training Unless…

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is awesome to get in shape fast. This HIIT workout with weights allows you to burn calories, quick.

However, if you don’t have your nutrition down, no amount of interval training will get you where you want to be. If you don’t have your nutrition down, or you don’t know where to begin (e.g., how many calories/macros you need for fat loss) then check out my IIFYM Madness Video Course. 

It teaches you everything you need to know about setting up your fat loss diet.With that out of the way, let’s talk about this hiit workout for fat loss.Think of this total body workout as something you can do 1-2 times per week on top of your general lifting routine

HIIT takes a lot out of you and doing too much HIIT can cause a multitude of problems so its best to start off with 1-2 HIIT workouts per week.Also remember that when it comes to fat loss, cardio should come second or even third (behind your nutrition and lifting workouts respectively).With this HIIT workout, you can expect to shred fat. We’re going to be working the biceps, the back, the chest, and legs.

Although it doesn’t involve every single muscle group, you can bet that this hiit routine will have you looking like an athlete in no time.The HIIT workout involves a mixture of body weight and Dumbbell exercises.Here’s what the workout looks like:

  • Burpee into Pull-Up
  • DB Shoulder Press
  • DB Lunges with DBs Overhead
  • DB Bent Over Rows
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Box Jumps

Do all 6 exercises for 25 seconds each as fast as possible with good form. Do not rest in between each exercise. Once you completed all 6 exercises, you have completed 1 round.Rest for 1-3 minutes in between rounds.Get as many rounds as possible within 15-25 minutes.

If you want to see a tutorial video, you can do so here:

As you can see, this a workout with dumbbells, but also has some conditioning exercises included.Note: You can do this with a barbell instead if you want. Just adjust the weight accordingly.You can make it harder by resting less in between each round, getting more reps in the allotted time, increasing the weight or all three.Also, remember that you CANNOT out train a bad diet. 

You can try and do this workout 5 times a week and still fail to see results. If you don’t know where to start on your diet (e.g., calories, macros, meal plans, etc.) then definitely check out my IIFYM Madness Video Course below showing you how to track macros and drop body fat fast!

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If you want to lose weight, get lean, and build the body you’ve always dreamed of without giving up carbs, fats, or any other foods that you like… then you want to enroll in this video course.

– Erik Kennedy

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