Welcome to LeanWithStyle

That’s me (with my tripod “gun”), the creator of this fancy little blog.

As you can see, here at LeanWithStyle, we take things VERY seriously…

Okay, seriously though, my name is Christian Pinedo.

I created this site about a little over a year now at the time of this writing in 2018.

I’ve been through HELL and back trying to figure out this whole “Fitness” thing.

I won’t share my entire fat loss story here (You can read more about the journey here), but you’re probably wondering why you should listen to me about weight loss.

In short, I’ve lost 50 pounds since the start of my fitness journey. I went from 235 pounds to 185 pounds in a matter of months after not seeing any weight loss results for 2 years.

I’ve tried just about every diet within those 2 years trying to gain results and I know what works and what doesn’t.Here at LeanWithStyle, I help men and women lose weight, whether it be through yogastrength trainingHIIT, or a combination of all three, all WITHOUT ever telling them to give up their favorite foods. 

The goal of this website, at its core, is to make your fitness journey as easy as possible for you.

Who My Content is For:

While I don’t know everything (far from it), I do know what works and what doesn’t.

I, hopefully, have made articles that are easy to read, helpful, and applicable to the “average” guy (or gal) who just want to get in shape, drop some pounds, and live a healthier, active lifestyle.

That’s my main goal with this site.

With that being said, my content is mainly aimed towards Men in college who are looking to lose weight without starving themselves and slaving away in the gym.

We all have things to do and a social life.

I don’t want you to have to throw all that down the drain just to get a six-pack. I’ll show you a better, more sustainable way.

Who My Content is NOT For:

My content on this website and any of my social media sites (ahem – IG, Twitter, YouTubeare NOT aimed towards people who want to get “HUGE” or who are getting ready to go on stage or are getting ready for a powerlifting meet. 

While my content does help you get stronger, lose fat, and get healthier, my goal is not aimed at that type of end result.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are some next steps if you don’t know where to begin:

New Here? Then Here are Your Next Steps if You’re Not Sure Where to Begin:

Our In-Depth Guides Based On Your Current Physique:

Are You Skinny Fat? Read This:

The Skinny Fat Physique is very common among men and women. Read this guide to find out how to get rid of the dreaded skinny fat body.

Are You Very Overweight? Read This:

Being overweight can be discouraging. I know first hand how it feels. However, you can change your body, and I’ll show you how in this guide.

Need To Lose Weight, But Want to Keep Your Gains? Read This:

If you already have some muscle, but you put on more fat than you would like, this guide will show you what to do:

Have A Question? Need To Get A Hold Of Me Somehow?

I want to save you as much time as possible so you don’t have to take 2 years to see fat loss success as I did.

Let me know how I can be of service to you by filling out the form below.

Seriously, ask me your burning question about fat loss…

How To Get In Touch:

I get tons of emails on fitness related topics and try and get back to everyone in a timely matter.

Need a quick answer?

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Before you fill out the form:

  • Go to my articles and make sure I haven’t already made an article on the topic.
  • Do NOT ask me any medical or injury-related questions as I am not a Doctor or Physical Therapist.
  • Keep your emails as brief as possible by only asking 1-2 questions in a single email.

I put these rules in place so I can best help you out and speed up the process of reading every email that comes in.With that being said, use the form below to reach me.

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