For Ella

Christian Pinedo

Applying to be your BF

Who you’re going to be dating:

Basic information

Personal Details

Age: 23

Phone: (916) 342-6983

Location: Near You

Website: (this website)


Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino (Peruvian)

Why you should date me


In pretty good shape

I’m active and like exercise. I could teach/coach you if you ever wanted to also.

Love to have fun

I’m a pretty fun time and very competitive. I’d play beat you in most games we play but that’s okay.

Have my own online business

I’ve been working on this a lot recently. I currently get 500-700 visitors per day (yes on this very website – will explain later). 

Can cook for you and myself

Yes, I can cook and cook all my meals for myself every day. I could potentially cook for you if you don’t already.

I’m a gentleman

Gentleman in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. What more can I say.

Don’t do drugs

Drink occasionally but never excessively and I don’t do drugs/smoke.

Decent size

Ahem. I’m not hung like a horse, but hey, pretty sure I could pleasure you all night.

Sarcastically funny

I think this whole page displays this.

Why I want  you

You’re Very Independent When It Comes To Your Career & Friends Which Makes You 10x Sexier

You Got Your Own:

I think I already told you about this through text, but I think this verse from this song may clarify what I meant:

“I love it cause she got her own. She don’t need mine, so she leave mine alone. There ain’t nothing in this world more sexy, than a girl that want but don’t need me”

You’re already sexy AF. Oh, and you have a nice ass.

That Booty (oh and your smile):

I think I’ve praised your ass for a long time now.

Its nice, round, plump.

Just looks like a good time.

You’re funny and make me laugh. I think it’s a good time whenever we hang out.


Yeah yeah… you’re funny. 

I’ll give you that. IDK about you but every time I’ve hung out with you it’s been a good time for me.


There are more reasons that listed here but these are definitely some of the top reasons.โ€‹

You know what to do

Contact Details


Phone number

916 342 6983


Email Addressโ€‹

Address just in case you’re that impressed and ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

4804 Careo Drive

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