5 HIIT Workouts – FREE Guide

FREE eBook: Tracking Macros Made Easy!

I’ve created a companion eBook along with some extra free training to go with your purchase of the IIFYM Book! Inside you’ll find:
  • An in-depth guide on using MyFitnessPal (MFP): MFP is the best app to use for tracking macros and I’ll show you exactly how to use it and some tips and tricks that go along with it.
  • Video training on tracking macros: I’ll show you how to easily track any food with MFP and how to handle certain discrepancies that occur when weighing out your food. You’ll also get a video guide on adding foods from restaurants onto your
  • Access to your Facebook Group and our IIFYM Newsletter: By filling out the form below, you’ll also get access to our facebook group and newsletter of like-minded IIFYMers!

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